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1 Just as some people are hyperactive, some people are hypoactive. They're just not noticed because they are quiet. However, it may cause problems: aversion to exercise may harm health, and aversion to interaction may cause problems in marriage and work.. E-mail
2 People who are determined to kill themselves should do so in a way that their organs can be donated and save the lives of others. (suicide)
3 Save life by donating a kidney to a stranger. You may trigger a "domino transplant", in which several donors who were willing to give a kidney to a relative, but were immunologically incompatible, give instead to a stranger. Thus, many lives are saved. E-mail
4 Put soluble orange dye in the alcohol hand gel used in hospitals by staff and visitors. Then anyone not using it would be identified. It would wash off easily on leaving hospital. E-mail
5 The latest research shows that a 30%-40% decrease in caloric intake increases monkey lifespans by 30%-40%. Experiments should be done gauging what effect calorie restriction has on mental capabilities, energy, etc to see if feasible for humans. E-mail
6 To prevent hepatitis E if in unsanitary areas, wash hands after using any washroom, eat only well and freshly cooked foods, drink only bottled or boiled water, and don't eat non-peelable raw fruits or vegetables unless cleaned thoroughly. E-mail
7 Harvest CD4/CD8 stem cells from HIV patient's marrow, then modify CD receptor gene so that its protein can't bind HIV (cf the HIV immune people in NYC), then autotransplant these stem cells to give partial new HIV resistant immune system. E-mail
8 Sell wine in small bottles for cooking or drinking. Now you must buy a whole liter even if you only need a few mls. The chemical in red wine which might prolong life, resveratrol, degrades once exposed to air, and serving-size bottles would preserve it. E-mail
9 Everyone, particularly health workers or people in areas with a lot of hepatitis, should get hepatitis A and B vaccinations. This will greatly reduce the risk of liver cancer, which is often caused by hepatitis B. E-mail
10 Nobody can carry a soap bar or dish in a pocket or purse to wash themselves. I have invented a disposable paper soap (10 strips in one packet) to overcome this problem. Similar example E-mail
11 Women who might have children should eat enough folic acid (200 micrograms/day) before and during early pregnancy to prevent neural tube defects, a common type of birth defect. E-mail
12 High blood pressure can cause strokes, heart attacks, vision loss, and kidney damage. Treat it by exercising, not smoking, eating a healthy diet with enough calcium and low sodium, not drinking too much alcohol, and taking diuretics if needed. E-mail
13 Sunburn in childhood increases risk of later skin cancer. Protect children from sunburn using clothing, hats, or sunblock. E-mail
14 Repel mosquitoes: Tie a sheet of Bounce fabric softener through a belt loop when outdoors during mosquito season. E-mail
15 Leaves of the custard apple plant are an effective cure for head lice. Just make a paste and apply, shampoo after 1 hour, and reapply after 3 days for better results. Added benefit: your hair is soft and conditioned. E-mail
16 Take your time in travel: use a train, bicycle, stay at a lodge for a week or two. Be a traveller who is experiencing the place. E-mail
17 To strengthen your gum & cure the pain due to loosening of teeth just chew a guava leaf twice a day. You can feel the difference within 2-3 days. This is my grandma's Indian recipe which I have used extensively. She still has all her teeth at 75+. E-mail
18 If you're too busy to go to the gym and live or work in a tall building, get some quick exercise and save a little electricity by climbing the stairs instead of taking the elevator. If it's too far, get off the elevator part way up, then walk from there. E-mail
19 To treat Alzheimer's disease, take vitamin E, which slightly slows degeneration. Statins and anti-inflammatory drugs are being tested, but haven't yet been shown to help. (brain) E-mail
20 Medical insurance for pets. E-mail
21 If your milk flow stops due to a clogged duct during breastfeeding, try holding a warm hard-boiled egg on the site to warm and loosen the clog. E-mail
22 Medical education encourages specialisation. In general specialists are too narrow and lack an overview. Teach in med-schools "systems" approach to understand the overall effects of treatments. Build computer models of human systems to simulate and learn. E-mail
23 Brahmi (Bacopa bacosides, an Indian herb) seems to have a brain stimulating effect. Do more controlled research and publish the results. E-mail
24 A simple way to remove tension, stress, or seriousness is to just breathe. Yes, when in tension, your breathing gets improper, leading to more stress. E-mail
25 Digital keypad to turn off vehicle or prevent starting if number sequence not entered for diabetic or alcoholic testing for mental alertness. Should provide adjustable timing and alarm prior to activation of shutoff. Variable numbers adjustable also. E-mail
26 To quit smoking or reduce the harm a bit: Before smoking, put 2-4 drops of water in the filter. Suck off excess water. Smoke. It will be smoother. Then see the dark brown deposition in filter & think how much of such dirt you have put in your lungs! E-mail
27 Bone replacement could be done with coral, as the porosity would allow vascular tissue to grow into it. Gradually it would become as good as new living bone tissue. E-mail
28 To stop smoking, kick the addiction before kicking the habit (patches do the opposite). I got a cigarette-sized piece of plastic tube, stuffed it with cotton wool and put peppermint oil in it. I then pretended to myself that it was a menthol cigarette. E-mail
29 A sunscreen cream that changes color as per the amount of UV absorption. This can give indication to stop sunbathing when the amount of UV ray increases. E-mail
30 Electric tooth brushes should provide space for a sachet of toothpaste to enable the use of efficient amounts of toothpaste and even distribution in the mouth. The toothpaste will be dispensed from a hole in the center. E-mail
31 Bathroom safety: TubSafe is an inexpensive chemical treatment that slightly roughens the bathtub surface so that you won't slip and fall. E-mail
32 A caffeine patch that has a timed release. Designed for non-morning people. Slap one on before you go to sleep and the caffeine kicks in after 8 hours to wake you up. E-mail
33 When you are in depression, just go out and do whatever your hands can find to do. Any action or exercise will help you feel better.
34 To help quit smoking, carry decoy cigarettes. They look like real cigarettes but have a bad taste. E-mail
35 Make your homepage, and help rid the world of the scourge of the earth for free! E-mail
36 If everyone has at least one plant in each room, then we can have a better environment: a billion plants more. E-mail
37 Toothpaste should not create foam. Then we would be able to see what and where exactly are we brushing and hence clean better. E-mail
38 If you want to wake up early in the morning, then before going to sleep say 100 times the time when you want to awaken. E-mail
39 Dental gum with ambisol (the numbing gel) in it for toothaches for those hard to reach places!!! and possibly to replace local anesthetics in dental work!! E-mail
40 We have electrical toothbrushes, water jets etc. We need, I think, an electrical dental floss. Not hard to invent. E-mail
41 In Japan, people with colds wear masks to keep from spreading virus. Encourage this courtesy in other places. Doctors could give free masks to cold patients, especially kids in day care. Kids masks have cartoon characters on them. E-mail me if you try it. E-mail
42 To live a long and healthy life, control the stomach because all the diseases start from stomach only. E-mail
43 Use a folded cloth to filter water as a very effective, affordable way for people in poor areas to prevent cholera. E-mail
44 Natural anti-depressant/anxiety/phobia/brain chemical fix. Because of evolution and today's society, do we have this chemical imbalance due to lack of exercise and stressful situations? If we run from lions, would that fix this imbalance? Sports may help.
45 When a toothpaste tube gets to half full you have to squeeze it up from the bottom each time. Put a kitchen or office clip on the tube halfway up so it's like a full tube again! E-mail
46 Perhaps this is for people older than 50 years: If you feel the urge to eliminate, and can't, lean forward and touch the floor. Once or twice. Something happens to the abdomen, and you go. E-mail
47 Motion sensitive doors that open automatically so you don't have to touch them (maybe dirty handle). E-mail
48 Pedestrian airbags: for frail elderly at risk of injury from falls; could be worn on a vest to protect the upper body and head, and pants or belt to protect the hips and legs; activated by falls just like car airbags. E-mail
49 Food may not provide enough vitamin D, but sunlight creates plenty when it hits our skin. Get a few minutes per week of evening or morning sun to make enough vitamin D. But avoid too much mid-day exposure, which can lead to skin cancer. E-mail
50 I have a favorite recliner, but it is lacking in the back support area. Lower back pain going to my leg was becoming a problem. I went to a sporting goods store and bought one of those stadium seats. I use it in the recliner: problem gone. E-mail