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1 A website where people can type in their zip code and find out the location of the nearest recycling facility for metal, glass, paper, plastic, etc. E-mail
2 Put a missing persons picture on the welcome page to the internet. A different one every few days. Please let me know if you try this on your own website. E-mail
3 In most cities, there are many trash bins, but almost no recycling bins. To decrease the amount of waste, have recycling bins right beside garbage bins. E-mail
4 Toaster ovens should have a replaceable wire in them that melts at extremely high temperature to cut the power, like a fuse. This could prevent oven fires from getting out of hand. (appliances) E-mail
5 Let U.N. conduct annual essay/project competitions for students from developing countries to evaluate/improve the functioning of democratic institutions in their countries. Helps to spread awareness/critical evaluation. E-mail
6 A separate household garbage bin, colour-coded for collection by the local garbage service, only for organic waste (eg. vegetable waste etc.) and without plastic bags, for conversion into organic manure at a central plant. E-mail
7 A Stockholder Representation Organization: a worldwide group shareholders can join that would vote their proxies for them at annual meetings according to policies in the interest of stockholders rather than management. E-mail
8 Wright brothers in USA started aviation 100 years ago. Let us agree that by 2103 that the poorest person alive in the world can afford to fly in airplane. E-mail
9 Many elected representatives seldom participate in the debates of the parliaments/congresses. The media should publish some indexes of their participation in the parliaments at the times of elections. E-mail
10 Try to reduce global DALYs (disability-adjusted life years lost) as the main goal of your charity, politics, & work. Top causes will soon be perinatal conditions, pneumonia, heart disease, & stroke. E-mail
11 Experiences with the EC indicate that a common market demands some level of legal, political and social harmony as well. Perhaps a solution to world conficts is to give opponents a stake in a profitable shared enterprise. E-mail
12 Given the problems that elderly people are having with declining retirement savings and having to work again, a temporary employment agency should be set up for old people that will focus on jobs they can do. (work) E-mail
13 To prevent excessive patriotism, members of Parliament from one country should be deputed to sit in the parliaments of other countries for say 3 months in a year in an UN sponsored exchange program. This should make them understand the culture & language. E-mail
14 A solution to the USA healthcare crisis requires limit upon total healthcare expenditure, including medical liability insurance and electronic medical records. E-mail
15 To reduce population growth, educate and protect all children. (Some places with high birth rates also have high numbers of street children, orphans, child laborers, and very young sex workers.) People can teach, coach, and provide foster care. E-mail
16 Teach children in school that if they ever need to quickly leave a crowded place, due to a fire for example, they should walk calmly and not push, otherwise a stampede would create a jam from which few would escape. Practice it several times. E-mail
17 The United Nations was established to help maintain balance in international affairs. So why not pay closer attention to int'l genocide and ethnic "cleansing," by holding each leader--not nation--accountable? Treat them as separate entities. E-mail
18 People searching for landmines can wear "snowshoes" of Kevlar (bulletproof vest material) to distribute weight and as partial protection. But mines may be too powerful for Kevlar to help. (safety,bomb,clearing) E-mail
19 To promote a cause, organize a "service day" on which thousands donate volunteer hours in the name of a cause. Examples: and E-mail
20 Provide technology and medicines at cost to the poor. Poor people need fishing rods, not fishes. E-mail
21 Most people do not know that some appliances still consume electricity when turned "off". To prevent this waste, pass laws requiring companies to clearly state whether their product does this or not. E-mail
22 Per capita medical expense for USA citizens must be more equal to per capita expense for other developed countries. E-mail
23 Making a mistake is not a sin, but it's a crime not to acknowledge it. Pardon them who make mistakes but punish those who commit crimes. E-mail
24 Allow large corporations/private entrepreneurs to run third world countries. To the degree that the country's GNP increases these companies take a percentage. Does this sound weird? Not really! The country like a company will be run to maximize profit. E-mail
25 To detect forest fires, develop a video camera to sense infrared and subtract visible to reveal hot spots. E-mail
26 Many urban poor ladies work as maids, and their husbands take away their earnings, drink and beat them. To give these women justice, they can have local, informal courts like panchayats (Indian village councils) to punish such men. E-mail
27 To control large forest fires, drop a ring of thousands of radio (perhaps temperature) controlled charges around fire. As fire approaches, detonate charges to create a backfire and stop the main blaze. Charges must chemically dissipate over time. E-mail
28 After millenia of civilization, jealousy, hate, and greed (causes of today's crimes) still exist. Try treating everyone equally and letting one's intentions and actions hold one's value instead of one's current funds. E-mail
29 To help a neighborhood, set up a meeting twice a month to discuss problems, and have a neighborhood clean-up afterward. Have a neighborhood watch to observe and report crimes. E-mail
30 My idea is that everyone hates USA. One reason is envy. Please send me other reasons to hate (or love) USA. Please also suggest what USA can do (if anything) to remedy the problem. E-mail
31 Though I'm not the first to do so, I suggest a backup organization to assume temporary rule and reorganize the republic if a crisis ever plunged the country into anarchy. The backup gov't would step down once order was restored. E-mail