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1 When planning a vacation, consider travelling to a poor region. It may be a bit rougher, but your money will help the economy where it most needs it, and will go a lot further for you too since the cost of travel will be lower. E-mail
2 Go to the many statues Peter "Wolf" Toth has carved and erected to honor Native Americans (67 in North America, at least one in every state). E-mail
3 Take your time in travel: use a train, bicycle, stay at a lodge for a week or two. Be a traveller who is experiencing the place. E-mail
4 Natural hot springs are good travel destinations. Personally I relish any stop at Takini (near Whitehorse in Yukon, Canada) or an evening in Tenakee. Both of these places are quiet, with few people, and lovely forest nearby. E-mail
5 For people travelling to USA, this is a must read: Coming to America. E-mail
6 Don't buy a vacation home to use only a few weeks per year and keep it vacant otherwise: a big waste of money. Instead, rent a hotel room or flat/condominium by the week or month, which also gives you the flexibility to vacation elsewhere. E-mail
7 Explore similar habitats around the world. My favorite is the tundra (alpine or arctic), so both kayaking in Yukon and hiking in California are part of my long-range plan. E-mail
8 To make a car vacation special, wake up and leave before light. My fondest childhood family vacation memory is of traveling deserted city streets at 4 AM past blinking red traffic lights to reach the desert before the heat of day. E-mail