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1 Invented a tool that clips to a golf club and allows it to stand upright on its own so that players donít have to lay extra clubs on the ground. Never bend over to pick up a club. Works on every club in the bag. E-mail
2 Pinpoint is a golf range finder that provides the correct distance to the flag together with the correct club to use. The device has two scales for differant size flags. Pinpoint is as accurate as laser rangefinders but only costs 4.99 pounds. E-mail
3 Super soccer: Improve fun and exercise in soccer (football) by using more than one ball so that players can spend more of their time in play and less just waiting for the ball. You may also increase team sizes. E-mail
4 A golf ball with a micro-chip tracking device in it so you never lose golf balls again. E-mail
5 A mini, cordless, leaf blower for golfers. It will blow any debris from the golf ball's intended path. E-mail
6 To save your feet from being burned by the hot sand when playing beach volleyball, wear socks! The thicker the better. You can still play the game in the same way but without the discomfort. E-mail
7 Dodge ball: Teams stay in opposite halves of a basketball court and try to hit an opponent with a volleyball to eliminate him. But if he catches the ball, the thrower is out. Eliminated players throw from the court end opposite their team. E-mail
8 For a good aerobic workout, try indoor badminton instead of tennis. Though the court is smaller, the distance players move is actually greater according to studies of top level matches. There may also be less stress on the elbow. E-mail
9 When doing an activity, don't worry about it or view it as an observer would to the point of misery. Also, don't analyze the activity while you're doing it unless it's for improvement of the activity. This keeps the activity much more enjoyable! E-mail
10 Build a play road in your backyard for your kids. They may use a bicycle, toy car, or roller skates. The roadway will help train your kids to drive. E-mail