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1 Pens with fragrant ink. I've seen (or rather, smelled) cherry pens before, but why not vanilla, almond, rose, jasmine, camellia, or coffee? E-mail
2 A convenient way to provide romantic dates for couples with no legwork. Just show up, and a menu of romantic interests is provided as "packages" that include whatever the individual enjoys, and the romance service makes the arrangements for a fee. E-mail
3 Go to and, directories for free click-to-donate sites. The sponsors/advertisers on the sites make the donations. E-mail
4 Check your own income rank among everybody in the world at Global Rich List and see what your money can buy for yourself or for poor people. E-mail
5 Go to the many statues Peter "Wolf" Toth has carved and erected to honor Native Americans (67 in North America, at least one in every state). E-mail
6 Give a living native plant to plant in a garden instead of giving some exotic cut flowers which will die within 2 days. A living native plant delivers beauty many times and feeds native fauna. E-mail
7 Buy music by musicians in poor countries instead of from rich stars in developed countries. This will spread money to where it's most needed, as well as enriching the musical mix we hear. E-mail
8 A Christmas tree skirt with a slit in it. This would make it easier to wrap around your tree. Make slit and add velcro to close. E-mail
9 Cloth (silk) gift wrapping paper. Can be reused by recipient. If you try this, I'd be very curious to know the result, so please let me know. E-mail
10 Removable tattoos with names or letters E-mail
11 Don't buy a vacation home to use only a few weeks per year and keep it vacant otherwise: a big waste of money. Instead, rent a hotel room or flat/condominium by the week or month, which also gives you the flexibility to vacation elsewhere. E-mail
12 Teach sign language to grade 6 students to keep noise level in the classroom to a minimum. E-mail
13 Wireless headphones (for CD/cassette players). E-mail
14 When you give gifts in your family, write the gift, the year, and who gave it to whom on the inside of the cloth wrapping. If you get a bag one year it's your to give the next. People will have memories and favourite bags that they receive. Lots of fun! E-mail
15 Provoke lateral thinking. Have your youth group design a church that promotes worship, fellowship, prayer, and communion with God. Rather than, as most are designed, like a lecture hall. E-mail