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1 Encourage kids to write new, funny lyrics to popular songs (as with Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer). This game can entertain children while improving their creativity, poetry, and musical skills. E-mail
2 On radio, many songs are played thousands of times, but others are never played. To introduce a greater variety of music, stations should have a Unique Requests program playing listener-requested songs that have never before been played on the program. E-mail
3 Songwriters and singers could easily produce hits by translating popular songs from other languages. Since they've already proven their popularity, the songs should be more likely to make the charts in other languages as well. E-mail
4 Merge any two forms of music to make a new wave in the music business. A great example is country/rock or gospel/rap. This idea will bring in a wide variety of music listeners and attract more money to your musical ventures. E-mail
5 Real life Simon Says with musical tones. Students of music (beginning to advanced) can play a pattern for others to match. E-mail
6 Buy music by musicians in poor countries instead of from rich stars in developed countries. This will spread money to where it's most needed, as well as enriching the musical mix we hear. E-mail
7 Instead of just teaching children how to play a musical instrument, teach them how to compose music to encourage their creativity and productivity. Many computer programs make composing easy now. E-mail
8 Compose songs about socially responsible actions (energy conservation, water wise gardening, population control, treating each other as humans that have an intrinsic worth).
9 Since rock music from past generations has now been done in easy listening Muzak versions, follow the trend in reverse by creating an album of punk or heavy metal versions of popular mellow songs. It might be interesting and would at least get a laugh. E-mail
10 Podluck party: like a pot luck, where guests bring dishes to share, guests bring music (for iPods, etc.) to share. A way to introduce friends to your favorite music so they can discover music they'll like, and you can enjoy it together. E-mail
11 Ask your children what jumprope rhymes, singing games, or cheers they know. (These are part of traditional music.) Teach them your favorites.
12 Wireless headphones (for CD/cassette players). E-mail
13 Ask middle school students to record traditional music from the community. Try old folks homes, fiddle teachers, and ethnic organizations. E-mail
14 Encourage lots of people to sing a song they learned as children to some youngsters. E-mail