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1 For online jigsaw fans, certain puzzles will have a "bonus" piece (or pieces) mixed in that would be added to others collected from various other solved puzzles to form a new puzzle.
2 A world language: Finally, a possibility of understanding, real and direct, for more than 6 billion people speaking 6,700 languages. Adopt the state-of-the-art, planned international language Fasile as the 2nd language. E-mail
3 Go to and, directories for free click-to-donate sites. The sponsors/advertisers on the sites make the donations. E-mail
4 Paper products could be shredded and used for bedding for small pets or stuffed into old t-shirts to use for outside pet bedding (dogs, etc.). E-mail
5 Invented a tool that clips to a golf club and allows it to stand upright on its own so that players donít have to lay extra clubs on the ground. Never bend over to pick up a club. Works on every club in the bag. E-mail
6 For beginners to the ancient art of origami, I'd like to see an animated tutorial that doesn't move at light speed and includes every step and fold. E-mail
7 A (global) web site with full details of making useful things (e.g., invitation/greeting cards, handmade paper, toys, etc.) for craft and hobby enthusiasts. E-mail
8 Build a website called List people like Enron's CEO (Jeff Skilling, Harvard MBA) & CFO (Andrew Fastow, Northwestern MBA), etc. The list is long, and I can help you. On the website list Motto for each of Top MBA programs. E-mail
9 Website to let you see the past by blocking access to sites changed or dated after the date you choose, resulting in news/style from that time (at least back to the early internet). Similar: Wayback Machine E-mail
10 A consolidated media center: Instead of having multiple devices plugged into a TV, why doesn't any company create one system with a Home Theater, computer, cable box, Blu Ray, XBOX 360, PS3, and Nintendo Wii, each of which can be upgraded? E-mail
11 Web based Robots are doing more and more amazing things every day. While mostly text based, more and more voice based BOTS are starting to appear. For a good survey, visit E-mail
12 A twin-handled training lead for dogs that makes life easier for owners to train their dogs to walk properly on the lead. E-mail
13 Studs on rim of clogs could be snap button to economically style in a new color. E-mail
14 Photomosaics (one large picture composed of many smaller ones) make great Christmas presents. PhotoTile, a program for creating these, is free for 60 days. E-mail
15 For a good aerobic workout, try indoor badminton instead of tennis. Though the court is smaller, the distance players move is actually greater according to studies of top level matches. There may also be less stress on the elbow. E-mail
16 Start a food exchange with neighbor friends. Each week, one will cook a large batch of a dish and deliver it to each member. You can enjoy a wider variety of dishes without more work or searching for recipes. E-mail
17 Bingo dabbers are always the same: a plain circle. Why not have the dabber dab an interesting shape (star, heart, 4-leaf clover, etc.)? E-mail
18 Recycled glass could be used in craft projects--similar to breaking up tiles for use on top of mosaic tables. E-mail
19 If you enjoy a hobby involving beads you are bound to have a spill. Put a nylon knee high over your vacuum cleaner hose and pick up even the smallest beads from carpet. Turn off vacuum & beads drop back into your container dust free.
20 Build a play road in your backyard for your kids. They may use a bicycle, toy car, or roller skates. The roadway will help train your kids to drive. E-mail
21 A glove with very strong magnets to pull things from far away, but the magnet only goes on a straight line so that it does not attract other objects. E-mail