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1 Develop a sport using an atlatl (spear-throwing lever) to throw a ball. The distances achieved would be impressive. E-mail
2 Racetrack: a good non-computer game for kids on long trips. Very simple, using only graph paper, pencil, and creativity, and teaches physics and planning ahead. Instructions. E-mail
3 Check your own income rank among everybody in the world at Global Rich List and see what your money can buy for yourself or for poor people. E-mail
4 Thing of the Month: A subscription toy service similar to the Book of the Month Club, only this club would send kids any of several collections of science related toys, like anatomy models or microscope slides. E-mail
5 It's possible to do a computer simulation of time travel by solving fixed-point equations. I would love to see a "Sim Time Travel" program to let one experiment with simulated time travel. For details, email me. E-mail
6 Game idea: Dungeon & Dragons for Playstation 2. Create a character mode: name, height, weight, hair, eyes, bodytype, race, age, level, status, inventory, & map. Str/Dex/Con/Int/will/sta/cha/hp. Build/quest/freeplay mode. E-mail
7 Internet Scavenger Hunt: a fun, educational game for a group of kids or adults to test ingenuity and resourcefulness. Race to find a list of things on the net, such as a photo of a certain object, a certain fact, a particular piece of music. E-mail
8 King For A Day website: people submit a list of things they would do if they were leader of an organization (from village chief to UN secretary general). Each day, one entry is chosen, by voting or at random, and posted on the website. E-mail
9 Real life Simon Says with musical tones. Students of music (beginning to advanced) can play a pattern for others to match. E-mail
10 Velcro stress balls that will stick to cubicle walls or a bulls-eye target when thrown. E-mail
11 To make baths more fun for kids, have plastic water containers with writable surfaces for the kids to sit in them in water and write with underwater pencils/colors. E-mail
12 When you are bored and have nothing to do, my sisters and I pretend to own our own businesses. We make paper money and food and play restaurant or motel or store. It is really fun. E-mail
13 Computer batakas: take out your frustration with your computer using nerf clubs. (toy) E-mail
14 Electro pager: you can message your friends and also go on the internet, about the same size as a gameboy.
15 Guesstimates: game show in which contestant with estimate closest to the answer wins points. Sample questions: how many people die each year from smoking, # of sand grains in world's beaches. After each answer, winner tells how he did it. E-mail
16 If you enter a competition and feel really nervous, sing a really catchy song in your head. Tell yourself that you are going to do exceptionally well. E-mail
17 A modern day box social: In the old days women would bake baked goods, bring them covered in boxes, and men would bid on them like an auction. Today, it'd be better to bring "white elephant gifts," and bid with Monopoly money. E-mail
18 A new size and shape of Sudoku puzzle. Something different that Sudoku Gurus will have to think about. And have a cool mascot to help you learn how to solve the puzzles.
19 Multi Player Scratch card (Trademark & Copyright Protected): The "Multi Player Scratch & Play Concept" (created by Ricky Ahluwalia in June 2011) allows two or more players to compete. E-mail
20 A very new (to me) and exciting puzzle involving numbers is available at E-mail
21 Website wishlist: Logic puzzles often involve matching people to jobs to pets to cars, using a few clues. Rather than one person solving, allow a group to work together to solve over internet. E-mail
22 Jumbalayers: word game for 4. Players pick cards that assign them each a category. Each player writes, on separate slips of paper, 13 things from his category. Players then pick slips one at a time. The first to guess all categories wins. E-mail
23 Babies often prefer very simple toys. Our baby enjoys crumpling a piece of paper to hear the sound. He also likes to be carried so that he can touch the clothes in our closet. E-mail
24 Bingo dabbers are always the same: a plain circle. Why not have the dabber dab an interesting shape (star, heart, 4-leaf clover, etc.)? E-mail
25 I would love to see a piece of software I call the "Time Travel Explorer", or play a computer game involving battling robots that can either time travel or send information back in time to themselves. E-mail