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1 Write a relay book or short story: like a game of Telephone, you write one page, then pass it to a friend to write the next page, and so on. The plot turns will likely be very surprising. E-mail
2 Compile an anthology of poetry exclusively of lyrics of songs. E-mail
3 Electronic magazines will help save trees and paper waste.
4 Funix is an innovative breakthrough for learning a foreign language mnemonically. You already know how to speak Spanish, Chinese or whatever language because it's just rearranged English. E-mail
5 Let's form a free association of story writers where we share our stories and post them online. Evaluating each others' stories makes great writing. See my stories and share your own. E-mail
6 A book idea: A famous guitarist plays for a crowd. Afterward a little old man finds his way backstage and tells him he has magic. The guitarist thanks him thinking he meant his playing was good, but his sister tells him he was glowing blue when playing. E-mail
7 A story idea: Modern day girl was beaten by foster parents and hates her life. She runs away with nowhere to go, into the woods and finds a key; it throws her back in time. E-mail
8 A book idea: A seven year-old boy and girl discover they know magic. They meet and become good friends and then go on an adventure to save their families from an enormous monster. E-mail
9 A book idea: A teenage girl loves to surf. One day she is invited to be in a very big competition but can't go because her grandma is sick and she has to take care of her because her mother and father abandoned her when she was young. E-mail
10 Write a book on "How to love your pet" or "How to select pets": fiction and non-fiction. E-mail
11 G-rated Shock Value: More shocking than R-rated stuff. E-mail