Ideas within topic fun: (click suns to rate or comment on ideas)

1 Develop a sport using an atlatl (spear-throwing lever) to throw a ball. The distances achieved would be impressive. E-mail
2 For online jigsaw fans, certain puzzles will have a "bonus" piece (or pieces) mixed in that would be added to others collected from various other solved puzzles to form a new puzzle.
3 A world language: Finally, a possibility of understanding, real and direct, for more than 6 billion people speaking 6,700 languages. Adopt the state-of-the-art, planned international language Fasile as the 2nd language. E-mail
4 Racetrack: a good non-computer game for kids on long trips. Very simple, using only graph paper, pencil, and creativity, and teaches physics and planning ahead. Instructions. E-mail
5 Pens with fragrant ink. I've seen (or rather, smelled) cherry pens before, but why not vanilla, almond, rose, jasmine, camellia, or coffee? E-mail
6 It would be cool if video rental stores had a website or a channel on interactive TV that let you scroll through their selection of videos, so you can find a movie to rent before making a trip to the store. E-mail
7 A convenient way to provide romantic dates for couples with no legwork. Just show up, and a menu of romantic interests is provided as "packages" that include whatever the individual enjoys, and the romance service makes the arrangements for a fee. E-mail
8 Go to and, directories for free click-to-donate sites. The sponsors/advertisers on the sites make the donations. E-mail
9 Encourage kids to write new, funny lyrics to popular songs (as with Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer). This game can entertain children while improving their creativity, poetry, and musical skills. E-mail
10 Check your own income rank among everybody in the world at Global Rich List and see what your money can buy for yourself or for poor people. E-mail
11 Internet Scavenger Hunt: a fun, educational game for a group of kids or adults to test ingenuity and resourcefulness. Race to find a list of things on the net, such as a photo of a certain object, a certain fact, a particular piece of music. E-mail
12 On radio, many songs are played thousands of times, but others are never played. To introduce a greater variety of music, stations should have a Unique Requests program playing listener-requested songs that have never before been played on the program. E-mail
13 Pinpoint is a golf range finder that provides the correct distance to the flag together with the correct club to use. The device has two scales for differant size flags. Pinpoint is as accurate as laser rangefinders but only costs 4.99 pounds. E-mail
14 Go to the many statues Peter "Wolf" Toth has carved and erected to honor Native Americans (67 in North America, at least one in every state). E-mail
15 Songwriters and singers could easily produce hits by translating popular songs from other languages. Since they've already proven their popularity, the songs should be more likely to make the charts in other languages as well. E-mail
16 Invented a tool that clips to a golf club and allows it to stand upright on its own so that players don’t have to lay extra clubs on the ground. Never bend over to pick up a club. Works on every club in the bag. E-mail
17 Take your time in travel: use a train, bicycle, stay at a lodge for a week or two. Be a traveller who is experiencing the place. E-mail
18 Thing of the Month: A subscription toy service similar to the Book of the Month Club, only this club would send kids any of several collections of science related toys, like anatomy models or microscope slides. E-mail
19 Game idea: Dungeon & Dragons for Playstation 2. Create a character mode: name, height, weight, hair, eyes, bodytype, race, age, level, status, inventory, & map. Str/Dex/Con/Int/will/sta/cha/hp. Build/quest/freeplay mode. E-mail
20 Paper products could be shredded and used for bedding for small pets or stuffed into old t-shirts to use for outside pet bedding (dogs, etc.). E-mail
21 King For A Day website: people submit a list of things they would do if they were leader of an organization (from village chief to UN secretary general). Each day, one entry is chosen, by voting or at random, and posted on the website. E-mail
22 When planning a vacation, consider travelling to a poor region. It may be a bit rougher, but your money will help the economy where it most needs it, and will go a lot further for you too since the cost of travel will be lower. E-mail
23 A website for downloading short movies made by the hobby film makers. Some of them, though of 10 minutes duration, are excellent to watch and quick to download. E-mail
24 It's possible to do a computer simulation of time travel by solving fixed-point equations. I would love to see a "Sim Time Travel" program to let one experiment with simulated time travel. For details, email me. E-mail
25 Give a living native plant to plant in a garden instead of giving some exotic cut flowers which will die within 2 days. A living native plant delivers beauty many times and feeds native fauna. E-mail
26 Merge any two forms of music to make a new wave in the music business. A great example is country/rock or gospel/rap. This idea will bring in a wide variety of music listeners and attract more money to your musical ventures. E-mail
27 For beginners to the ancient art of origami, I'd like to see an animated tutorial that doesn't move at light speed and includes every step and fold. E-mail
28 Write a relay book or short story: like a game of Telephone, you write one page, then pass it to a friend to write the next page, and so on. The plot turns will likely be very surprising. E-mail
29 Real life Simon Says with musical tones. Students of music (beginning to advanced) can play a pattern for others to match. E-mail
30 A (global) web site with full details of making useful things (e.g., invitation/greeting cards, handmade paper, toys, etc.) for craft and hobby enthusiasts. E-mail
31 To make baths more fun for kids, have plastic water containers with writable surfaces for the kids to sit in them in water and write with underwater pencils/colors. E-mail
32 A Christmas tree skirt with a slit in it. This would make it easier to wrap around your tree. Make slit and add velcro to close. E-mail
33 Super soccer: Improve fun and exercise in soccer (football) by using more than one ball so that players can spend more of their time in play and less just waiting for the ball. You may also increase team sizes. E-mail
34 Velcro stress balls that will stick to cubicle walls or a bulls-eye target when thrown. E-mail
35 Buy music by musicians in poor countries instead of from rich stars in developed countries. This will spread money to where it's most needed, as well as enriching the musical mix we hear. E-mail
36 When you are bored and have nothing to do, my sisters and I pretend to own our own businesses. We make paper money and food and play restaurant or motel or store. It is really fun. E-mail
37 Build a website called List people like Enron's CEO (Jeff Skilling, Harvard MBA) & CFO (Andrew Fastow, Northwestern MBA), etc. The list is long, and I can help you. On the website list Motto for each of Top MBA programs. E-mail
38 A golf ball with a micro-chip tracking device in it so you never lose golf balls again. E-mail
39 Instead of just teaching children how to play a musical instrument, teach them how to compose music to encourage their creativity and productivity. Many computer programs make composing easy now. E-mail
40 Compile an anthology of poetry exclusively of lyrics of songs. E-mail
41 Website to let you see the past by blocking access to sites changed or dated after the date you choose, resulting in news/style from that time (at least back to the early internet). Similar: Wayback Machine E-mail
42 Natural hot springs are good travel destinations. Personally I relish any stop at Takini (near Whitehorse in Yukon, Canada) or an evening in Tenakee. Both of these places are quiet, with few people, and lovely forest nearby. E-mail
43 Cloth (silk) gift wrapping paper. Can be reused by recipient. If you try this, I'd be very curious to know the result, so please let me know. E-mail
44 A mini, cordless, leaf blower for golfers. It will blow any debris from the golf ball's intended path. E-mail
45 A consolidated media center: Instead of having multiple devices plugged into a TV, why doesn't any company create one system with a Home Theater, computer, cable box, Blu Ray, XBOX 360, PS3, and Nintendo Wii, each of which can be upgraded? E-mail
46 Computer batakas: take out your frustration with your computer using nerf clubs. (toy) E-mail
47 Podluck party: like a pot luck, where guests bring dishes to share, guests bring music (for iPods, etc.) to share. A way to introduce friends to your favorite music so they can discover music they'll like, and you can enjoy it together. E-mail
48 Multi Player Scratch card (Trademark & Copyright Protected): The "Multi Player Scratch & Play Concept" (created by Ricky Ahluwalia in June 2011) allows two or more players to compete. E-mail
49 A new size and shape of Sudoku puzzle. Something different that Sudoku Gurus will have to think about. And have a cool mascot to help you learn how to solve the puzzles.
50 If you enter a competition and feel really nervous, sing a really catchy song in your head. Tell yourself that you are going to do exceptionally well. E-mail