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1 Bananasicle: Freeze a banana to eat like a popsicle, but much richer, tastier, and healthier. E-mail
2 Chinese food is worldwide, except Chinese dessert, like almond cream, sesame shakes, or azuki sundaes with condensed milk. Sell them in big city, where people are willing to try something new. If you try this, please e-mail me. (restaurant,cafe,recipe) E-mail
3 Hamburger gravy: Brown 1 pound ground beef with onions and diced green peppers, salt, pepper, and 1 beef bullion cube, add 1 can mushroom soup, heat thru, serve over canned biscuits or instand mashed potatoes. Yummy!
4 "Sour Stardust": like Pixie Stix but sour, similar to the sour sugar shaken off from the bottom of a bag of Sour Skittles or Sour Patch Kids. E-mail
5 To get kids to eat healthy food, feed them only healthy food from weaning: diced or pureed vegetables or fish fillet cooked with rice & extra water (congee), raisins for dessert (never junk food), tiny bread pieces for breakfast (never cereal). E-mail
6 For a simple dessert, slice 20 dates, 10 gms. almonds & grind 4 cardamoms. Boil 1/2 lit. milk & add 200 gms of sugar, the dates & almonds until it thickens. Add the cardamom powder just before taking off-heat. Serve cold with raisin & cherry dressing. E-mail
7 Clean Indian fish dishes: Select flaked fish pieces eg. Mackerel, Ling, Cod etc. Marinate in salt and chilli powder over night. BBQ (medium). Prepare a gravy (U like) from a recipe book. Add fish. Cook for 5 minutes. Eat with rice. E-mail
8 For a simple dessert, cut a mango or melon in half, and put a scoop of ice cream in the middle. E-mail
9 Try cooking meals that were popular in ancient times. A huge number of recipes can be found here. They include Egyptian, Native American, Roman, and more! E-mail
10 Stir and boil a cup of milk with 4 spoons of sugar, 2 cardamoms, & 6 crushed cashew-nuts until it's thick. Then cool it. Slice apples & oranges. Sprinkle on a pinch of rock salt. Pour the milk over the fruits just before serving. Dress with mint leaves. E-mail
11 If you live in an area with bird flu, discourage chicken farming by not eating chicken. This would decrease the number of birds available to spread bird flu, and would thus decrease the chance of a human-transmissible virus evolving. E-mail
12 Brown ground beef with onion, green pepper, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. When browned, stir in 1 can mushroom soup. This makes a tasty hamburger gravy. Serve over mashed potatoes or noodles for quick and easy comfort food. E-mail
13 Make sweet & sour pot pies, like the sauce you put over rice. Both chicken and pork are good-tasting in sweet & sour sauce. You may even want to put rice in with the sauce.
14 When cooking crab, take off the back shell first. Cut the crab in half, and gut the crab. Then cook it in well seasoned water. Taking out the guts first makes the crab far sweeter. Then use the shell to make the crab look whole in presentation.
15 This is the recipe for the best chocolate chip cookies I've ever baked, and the intriguing story (or myth) behind it. E-mail
16 A delicious way to enjoy a mango is peeled and sliced, with the strips laid in a peanut butter and orange marmalade sandwich on whole grain bread, warmed slightly by microwave. I often eat this for breakfast. E-mail
17 Peel and squeeze a mango to separate the seed. Then add some yogurt and some sugar and shake well. Add some ice cubes before serving! E-mail
18 Mango milkshake: Prepare juice from pieces of mango fruit. Add milk in 1:1 ratio along with sugar to taste. Mix it thoroughly. Add a pinch of crushed cardamum. (Note that usage of milk with mango prevents possible loose motion in some cases.) E-mail
19 12345 Chicken recipe: Mix wine, sugar, vinegar, soy sauce, water in the proportions 1:2:3:4:5. Chop chicken into pieces with cleaver, and simmer in mix, stirring occasionally, until thickened. Easy to remember: 12345 WSVSW. Email me if you try & like it! E-mail
20 Start a food exchange with neighbor friends. Each week, one will cook a large batch of a dish and deliver it to each member. You can enjoy a wider variety of dishes without more work or searching for recipes. E-mail
21 Many archaeologists believe eating bone marrow is why early humans evolved such large brains. Use large bones from pork, beef or lamb. You can cook the whole bone (any method) or extract the marroe from the middle of the bone before cooking. E-mail
22 Crock-pot chicken: 2.5 to 3 lb. whole fryer chicken: defrost, wash well, shake dry. Rub inside & out with desired spices. Stand neck up in crockpot; spray non-stick where touches sides. ADD NO LIQUID! Low heat 8 hrs.; all fat drains, all meat comes clean. E-mail
23 For a flavorful, colorful, and healthy salad dressing, add turmeric to a light oil or oil-free dressing. E-mail
24 Most Americans throw away a lot of household garbage in the form of old food. Besides using old bananas for banana bread, don't forget that you can crumble stale bread for pie crusts or casserole toppings. Be creative! E-mail
25 Crackers are very versatile snacks. Melt cheese on top, and ketchup, and they become pizzas. Or, make a mini sandwich between two of them. Crackers are often underestimated. E-mail
26 This site sells authentic and original mexican recipes that could be used by restaurants in general. E-mail
27 A simple and tasty sandwich: natural peanut butter and "citron tea" (like orange marmalade) with banana slices on whole grain bread, warmed slightly by microwave. E-mail
28 Mango is the king of fruits. The best receipe would be to eat it raw. E-mail
29 The human tongue has many different taste buds. Part of the tongue is for sweets, sours, etc. A good food satisfies all parts. Get a regular cracker, salted. Spread peanut butter over it, then add a touch of mustard. Very good for the tongue. E-mail