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1 Bananasicle: Freeze a banana to eat like a popsicle, but much richer, tastier, and healthier. E-mail
2 Like fish and meat shops, vegetable shops could have counters to clean, cut, and package vegetables bought by customers. Saves time at home and may actually increase the consumption of vegetables.
3 To save time in the kitchen: grind in a (mini) food-processor large quantities (separately) onions, ginger, garlic etc. Put in clean glass bottles and just cover in good (light) oil. Refrigerate. Use as needed and don't add any oil while cooking. E-mail
4 Colored salt. That way you could see how much salt you put on your food. E-mail
5 Encourage the growth of health conscious takeaway food shops, independent or as a part of the supermarkets, to save time on cooking at home every day. E-mail
6 To easily remove burnt on food from your skillet, simply add a drop or two of dish soap and enough water to cover bottom of pan, and bring to a boil on stovetop, or add soap and a little water to pan before it cools. E-mail
7 Instead of fuel wasting thick-walled pressure cookers with lids needing to be locked on, we can use much thinner-walled cookers with variable weight pressure-liftable lids, to save fuel and preclude excessive pressure build-up and vessel bursts. E-mail
8 Pressure cookers have fixed mass weights for the pressure release valves. These should be replaced by a set of 3 detachable weights to allow low, medium and high pressure cooking as necessary, depending on the food being cooked, to save fuel consumption. E-mail
9 If your milk flow stops due to a clogged duct during breastfeeding, try holding a warm hard-boiled egg on the site to warm and loosen the clog. E-mail
10 Almost 80-95% of the fuel used in conventional cooking, even with pressure cookers, is wasted. Most of this can be avoided by using thermally insulated cooking vessels or by transferring the vessels to insulated boxes once boiling point has been reached. E-mail
11 If you buy a $3 lunch from school every day, pack your lunch for one week every month and become a $19/month St. Jude Children's Memorial Hospital sponsor. This is a simple way to save a dying child's life. E-mail
12 Sugar that floats so that it doesn't sink to the bottom of the cereal bowl, but would melt in hot coffee. E-mail
13 After making a cup of tea or coffee, add an ice cube to cool it faster so that you can drink it. E-mail
14 Clean Indian fish dishes: Select flaked fish pieces eg. Mackerel, Ling, Cod etc. Marinate in salt and chilli powder over night. BBQ (medium). Prepare a gravy (U like) from a recipe book. Add fish. Cook for 5 minutes. Eat with rice. E-mail
15 A battery heated ice cream scoop. E-mail
16 When cooking crab, take off the back shell first. Cut the crab in half, and gut the crab. Then cook it in well seasoned water. Taking out the guts first makes the crab far sweeter. Then use the shell to make the crab look whole in presentation.
17 When cooking a Chinese beef stir-fry or Mongolian beef, you are required to cut the meat as thin as possible. This is easily attained by slicing the meat while it is partially frozen. E-mail
18 Plan meals so that if oven is started, it is used for at least two items. In worst case, bake an item for next day's meal or to give a meal to a person in need. E-mail
19 A refrigerator marinator rotisserie with timer. It is used in massive industrial food preparation, but my idea is for individuals to prepare their food like organic foods to their liking. E-mail
20 Sell frozen coffee cubes. That way, perfectly brewed, fresh coffee can keep long-term and be served quickly and easily. E-mail
21 If the dough sticks to the rolling pin, place it in freezer for a few minutes. E-mail
22 To avoid crying, cut the onions into two parts and place them in water for a few minutes before chopping them. E-mail
23 To bake potatoes quickly, place them in salt water for 15 minutes before baking. E-mail
24 To peel garlic cloves quicker, microwave them first for 10 seconds. They pop out of their skin instantly. E-mail
25 Develop a gadget to fit the domestic pressure cookers to make good coffee. First steam should pass through the coffee powder and then hot water through the steamed coffee powder to get your coffee. E-mail
26 Do not store any items in the freezer in any way that requires a person to take an item out of the freezer, partly thaw it, separate it into two or more parts and then return some of the parts to the freezer. Individually freeze items.
27 A plate or dish that is used in a microwave oven where only the top surface temperature rises but the bottom surface remains at room temperature. E-mail
28 Roll the hard boiled eggs gently on a firm surface to crack the shells. You will find they will peal easily. E-mail
29 Sell a leveling device (anything with a straight edge) with measuring cups and spoons. E-mail
30 This is not a new idea, because the Hebrews used to glean food. Sort of like a community garden where people who need home grown vegetables can go pick their own. Fits in well with a barter-based economy.
31 If the lid of a roti maker could be turned 180 degrees (instead of ~90 degrees now), we could use the lid also as another pan (say for dosas). E-mail
32 When cutting onions the fumes come up and hurt your eyes, so wear goggles to protect them. Any kind will do, even swimming goggles. Even easier, water the cutting board just a little. Water binds the juice of the onion and does not let it evaporate.
33 Start a food exchange with neighbor friends. Each week, one will cook a large batch of a dish and deliver it to each member. You can enjoy a wider variety of dishes without more work or searching for recipes. E-mail
34 Mint is an easy herb to grow. But beware; it can spread by its roots to take over a garden, so better keep it in a pot.
35 Just like seedless grapes, why not grow seedless watermelons? E-mail
36 Many archaeologists believe eating bone marrow is why early humans evolved such large brains. Use large bones from pork, beef or lamb. You can cook the whole bone (any method) or extract the marroe from the middle of the bone before cooking. E-mail
37 To save time on dinner dishes, before serving dinner, run a sink full of very hot soapy water. When everyone is finished eating dinner, tell them to wash and rinse their own plate. E-mail
38 To keep the chilies fresh for a longer time, remove the stems before storing. E-mail
39 If an egg falls down and breaks, after cleaning it up put some salt on it and clean it again so that it will not stink. E-mail
40 Crackers are very versatile snacks. Melt cheese on top, and ketchup, and they become pizzas. Or, make a mini sandwich between two of them. Crackers are often underestimated. E-mail
41 Most Americans throw away a lot of household garbage in the form of old food. Besides using old bananas for banana bread, don't forget that you can crumble stale bread for pie crusts or casserole toppings. Be creative! E-mail
42 One of the easiest herbs to grow is rosemary. It is also very strong, so even a small plant will season a lot of food.
43 By keeping a spoon rest on the stove, you'll avoid a lot of messy clean-ups. Or use your own plate. Then you'll eat off it anyway and will have one less item to clean. E-mail
44 You can toast bread with a hair dryer. It warms and dries bread, making it crispy without burning it. Since charred food may cause cancer, this may be healthier than using a toaster. And you don't need to clutter your kitchen with a toaster. E-mail
45 An egg cracker: Put eggs in a tube with a rigid screen at the bottom. Push a sharp-pointed piston down the tube to crush the egg. The slop will drip through the screen, leaving the shell behind.
46 To get a SUPER tight lid off of a jar, heat a bowl of water in the microwave and place it on top of the jar. This will slightly expand the metal, but not the glass. The lid will come off easily.
47 If you are urban why not grow all your vegetables (organic) in your backyard? It takes one hour per day to upkeep. See my website for suggestions. E-mail
48 When you make home made chicken soup, don't cook it with the noodles in it. Cook them on the side each time you eat the soup. That way, the noodles will always be tasty when you eat the soup. E-mail
49 When eating tiramisu, be careful not to inhale just before taking a bite. The chocolate powder on top is extremely fine and readily gets into your lungs. E-mail
50 When the noodles are boiled, drain all the hot water and rinse with cold water. This way all the noodles will get separated. E-mail