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1 To help poor people who can't afford the high price of staple foods, we can reduce food prices by cutting demand for food. Let's all eat less rice and other grains and especially less meat, which requires much grain to produce. E-mail
2 Instead of buying products made by huge multi-nationals, actually let free-trade work and seek to buy products made in poorer countries and shipped direct to our stores. Cutting out the middlemen will help the poor producers more. Examples: tea and coffee E-mail
3 If your milk flow stops due to a clogged duct during breastfeeding, try holding a warm hard-boiled egg on the site to warm and loosen the clog. E-mail
4 When washing dishes in your dishwasher, use white vinegar in the rinse compartment instead of those expensive rinse solutions. The dishes would never be more clean and they would actually squeak. E-mail
5 If you buy a $3 lunch from school every day, pack your lunch for one week every month and become a $19/month St. Jude Children's Memorial Hospital sponsor. This is a simple way to save a dying child's life. E-mail
6 This is not a new idea, because the Hebrews used to glean food. Sort of like a community garden where people who need home grown vegetables can go pick their own. Fits in well with a barter-based economy.
7 A movable tray that will lean toward you at the dinner table: no more reaching; all the food fits on this tray. (only good for 2 people) E-mail
8 Instead of throwing out biodegradable materials in the trash, put them in a separate container so that you can empty them onto a compost. E-mail
9 If an egg falls down and breaks, after cleaning it up put some salt on it and clean it again so that it will not stink. E-mail
10 Supermarket shopping trollies can be joined together with lengths of rope to make a 'train', for use in the store.