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1 Trans fats contribute to heart disease that may kill several million people a year. Food product manufacturers should be required to put the amount of this fat on food labels. E-mail
2 Encourage the growth of health conscious takeaway food shops, independent or as a part of the supermarkets, to save time on cooking at home every day. E-mail
3 Women who might have children should eat enough folic acid (200 micrograms/day) before and during early pregnancy to prevent neural tube defects, a common type of birth defect. E-mail
4 To get kids to eat healthy food, feed them only healthy food from weaning: diced or pureed vegetables or fish fillet cooked with rice & extra water (congee), raisins for dessert (never junk food), tiny bread pieces for breakfast (never cereal). E-mail
5 Produce and market high protein quick meals for the niche market of bodybuilding. There are many supplements available out there, but food is better for you than a supplement. Email me for more info. E-mail
6 Evidence suggests cow mycobacteria survive pasteurization and may cause Crohn's disease. But UHT pasteurization for boxed, unrefrigerated milk seems to kill it, thus drinking UHT milk instead of "regular" milk might prevent Crohn's disease. E-mail
7 Only 400 mg of the brand "Equal" sugar equals 5 bags of regular old-fashioned sugar. "Equal" sugar has no after taste. Restaurants should use it instead of sugar. E-mail
8 Before pouring on the salad dressing, check the Nutrition Facts on the side. Some are wonderfully low-fat, but even some that are labelled Lite are not much better than the Regular.