Swarup Dutta's ideas: (click suns to rate or comment on ideas)

1 To ensure science graduates jobs, universities can have contracts to be executed collectively by its unemployed students of the past 5 years with the guidence of the Prof. & using university setups. This can reduce unemployment & impart on-job training. E-mail
2 Road Rollers are too heavy for moving from one site to another. A lightweight but strong & high-power roller can use a tank of water or sand to increase its weight & capacity at site. The same road roller can be used for various weight categories. E-mail
3 Instead of very heavy cast/fabricated steel supports/stands for equipment, try to design lighter (may be wider) open box type fabricated supports filled with concrete. Thus save on material, manufacturing, & erection costs of these items. E-mail
4 In big cranes, a series of telescopic, concentric, cylindrical buckets filled with water or sand from site can compensate for 20% - 40% of the counter weights. Thus the purchase & transportation cost of the big cranes can be reduced. E-mail
5 Sensors mounted on the sides of escalator can sense if somebody is using it or not (like infrared signal obstructed by body). If no one is using for say 1 min. it should stop & only re-start when someone is on it. This can save power. E-mail
6 A World Phone Directory Site: A website where every person & company can register own phone & mobile no.& addresses (res., off. & email) free of cost. There can be a categorised business section with chargeable entry (like yellow pages). Free accessing. E-mail
7 The rate of interest of World Bank & other development bank loans to a country/state should be in proportion to its population growth rate (along with other factors). This will act as an impetus to the govt. to try to reduce the PGR further. E-mail
8 Backward facing seating arrangement in buses can reduce head & upper body injury due to sudden braking or accidents because the upper-body will get pressed into the backrest cushion instead of bumping on the front seat. E-mail
9 To have a better, greener, & cleaner world, ensure that before each tree is cut, at least 5 saplings (per tree cut) of the same species have been planted in proximity and those have survived for at least a year. This can be made an international law. E-mail
10 Spectacles / head-band with a small but focused lamp (battery / solar-charged) mounted in one corner (adjustable angle), especially for reading on bed / train / aeroplane. (eyeglasses, light) E-mail
11 Earrings, necklaces, bangles, pendants, etc. with sparkling lights, powered by a watch battery. E-mail
12 To slow population growth, governments can pay bi-annual birth control incentive to all childless couples. Reduce the amount to 50% after the birth of 1st child and stop this incentive after the 2nd. Recover the full amount with interest with the 3rd. E-mail
13 Let WHO & the government test every person of a country for AIDS within a week. Have the program repeated after some months. Do this in all countries within a year. Thus we can identify all AIDS patients. Easier to control AIDS with no unknown patients. E-mail
14 In industrial liquid metal pouring, reduce chances of leakage (at launder junction) by lining ceramic mattress with a metal powder which can raise melting temp. of the service metal by a little alloying (Ti for Al). E-mail
15 The hot-cold water taps should have scale marking on the knob for quick setting. This will save water and time in adjusting mixed water temp. E-mail
16 Air inflatable shirts can be used both at normal and cool temperatures, thus helping insulate against sudden fall of temparature between day & evening. E-mail
17 Develop 2 drugs--one to slow & another to increase "coping mistakes of DNA" (mutations). Drug 1 will delay bacteria/viruses becoming drug resistant. Drug 2 will help agricultural & other developments that use selection methods. Both can have many uses. E-mail
18 Design a wireless level sensor. The data from this can be integrated with crane control during the erection of critical, heavy, non-symmetrical equipment. Can also be useful during project commissioning. E-mail
19 A revolvable polygonal prism-shaped multiple photo frame to display a couple of photos at a time on a centre table. On corner table change the facing photo just by rotating. Many sweet memories to display in a small place. E-mail
20 To quit smoking or reduce the harm a bit: Before smoking, put 2-4 drops of water in the filter. Suck off excess water. Smoke. It will be smoother. Then see the dark brown deposition in filter & think how much of such dirt you have put in your lungs! E-mail
21 If viscosity of tetanus vaccine can be reduced, then it will be less painful especially for babies. After a less viscous injection a medicated skin pad (like Band-Aid) can be pasted on that area to infuse further vaccine into the system. E-mail
22 A photo-electric Electro-Static Precipitator to remove indoor dust. TV screen often gathers dust for static electricity. TV makers could channel this potential in another plate (& increase it) to collect dust there and keep screen & room less dusty. E-mail
23 A sunscreen cream that changes color as per the amount of UV absorption. This can give indication to stop sunbathing when the amount of UV ray increases. E-mail
24 Inflatable air bags pasted on the roof of cars can reduce heating / cooling. On moving, this will give the roof a near aerodynamic shape. It will also be easier to remove snow from roofs. Make sure that no air can get below the bag from the front side. E-mail
25 By genetic engineering or selection, new types of bacteria can be developed which can feed on various viruses, thus curing the diseases. This can be somewhat similar to the treatment of bacterial diseases by bacteriophage viruses. E-mail
26 To reduce road sound inside the room put two (outer & inner) thick curtains on the road side wall with 4-6 inch gap in between. If there are two similar glass / wooden shutters in the window then it will be better. E-mail
27 A lipstick that changes color as per the pH of lips to have different colors after having a lemon juice/ soda-water/ soup/ after a face wash or even a French kiss. There can be lip gloss of various pH to adjust shades. E-mail
28 Globular Dry Ice (solid CO2) capsules can be added to the water/foam jet to extinguish fire. This will reduce water/foam consumption & the wet residue after extinguishing fire. The capsules may also reach greater heights than fluids. E-mail
29 The black & white colors of zebras get unevenly hot in the sun and induce localised air flow to cool them. Similarly the roof top water tanks or outside walls of buildings in hot countries can be painted in zebra/chequered colors to reduce heating. E-mail
30 Stir and boil a cup of milk with 4 spoons of sugar, 2 cardamoms, & 6 crushed cashew-nuts until it's thick. Then cool it. Slice apples & oranges. Sprinkle on a pinch of rock salt. Pour the milk over the fruits just before serving. Dress with mint leaves. E-mail
31 Hollow fan blades filled with ice or cold water will give cool air. E-mail
32 A folded drum pad with mobile phones on which music lovers can play drum bits by hand or stick with music in unplanned party, or maybe a similar folded 3 octave keyboard to play tunes thru mobiles!! Instant music party, anywhere!! E-mail
33 Make a wooden showcase or cabinet shaped like a cross, with glass shutters having an etched figure of crucified Jesus. Then put two identical X-mas trees or beautiful plants (maybe red roses) under the arms of the cross. E-mail
34 To reduce water consumption, use smaller than average buckets, mugs, tubs etc. and if possible taps, flush & bathtubs also. You can reduce consumption by 10 - 15%. But do not make devices too much smaller; it may not help. E-mail
35 We can have an array of large concave reflectors of superfine aluminum foil in space to send some sunlight to the dark side of Earth by reflection, especially to the polar regions in the long nights. E-mail
36 Optical fibres can transmit light almost without any loss. Thick pipe-like structures made of optical fibres can transmit sun-light from lower latitude to higher ones (also East-West longitude). This can provide some lighting in Polar areas. E-mail
37 The Santas of rich nations can collectively send a part of their X-mas gifts to some organisation who will auction the gifts in poor countries and utilise the money for distributing cakes among the poorest children on X-mas day. E-mail