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1 To promote tourism, the tourism development agencies of developing countries can provide cheap interpreter-cum-guides. Teach the poor but intelligent youths some lesser learnt (in that region) foreign language. Help them & the region earn more. E-mail
2 To ensure science graduates jobs, universities can have contracts to be executed collectively by its unemployed students of the past 5 years with the guidence of the Prof. & using university setups. This can reduce unemployment & impart on-job training. E-mail
3 University students could start their own online job service. This would publish a complete department-wide list of students with their profiles and academics. From the published lists any recruiter could contact the students for interviews. E-mail
4 Before deciding to train in a particular field, talk with people working in that career to help predict whether you'd like that job. Volunteer to work in that area for a while during summer to experience it before committing to it. E-mail me if you try. E-mail
5 In colleges, create a service organization of computer-savvy students who volunteer to help nonprofits create webpages, teach computer skills to underpriveleged children or the elderly, etc. E-mail
6 Let U.N. conduct annual essay/project competitions for students from developing countries to evaluate/improve the functioning of democratic institutions in their countries. Helps to spread awareness/critical evaluation. E-mail
7 A local online auction and bartering site for used books, CDs, VCDs, DVDs, etc. could be a very hot proposition for students at a university. Since it's local, students could then meet to exchange items in person without postage or delay. E-mail
8 Universities should allow their text books and reference books to be read at their web sites. This will facilitate inquisitive minds to quench their thirst for reading and create a well read society. MIT does. E-mail
9 Many students in the developing countries are not well informed about the scientific method as a tool to search knowledge. The West may encourage this by providing skills and resources as part of aid. E-mail
10 There are so many lists of things to memorize in college & high school; I would find an 'Encyclopedia of Mnemonics and Memory Aids' extremely useful. E-mail
11 Balance physical labor with intellectual pursuits. Help build a house, dig a garden, clean a beach, care for a child even though your main goal is your degree.
12 There are so many scholarship databases for college students looking for financial aid: Fastweb, Fund Finder, SRN, etc. Someone should unify these in one database to make it easier on students. E-mail
13 When writing research papers, start with what you know, like doing a jigsaw puzzle. First, do the Figures, then Methods, then Results, then Discussion, and finally the Abstract and Title. Introduction may be added all along the process. E-mail
14 For people travelling to USA, this is a must read: Coming to America. E-mail
15 People should practice the concept of ISR (Individual Social Responsibility) after starting a job. As society at large played a vital role in our growth and development since childhood, it is the right time to play a role in development of society. E-mail
16 Solving problems by brainstorming may be effective. See Wikipedia article. E-mail
17 Encourage university education in neglected subjects like law, political science, philosophy and in general all humanities. Advanced countries may provide more funds and encourage students from the developing countries to enroll in them in the West. E-mail