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1 Before deciding to train in a particular field, talk with people working in that career to help predict whether you'd like that job. Volunteer to work in that area for a while during summer to experience it before committing to it. E-mail me if you try. E-mail
2 High school students, organize a Head Shave for Cancer Research event at your school. Have the students donate to see their favourite teachers and administrators go bald. E-mail
3 Have a "prosthetic leg" day at your school. Have everybody bring in a dollar that goes towards buying a prosthetic leg for a child to walk again in Vietnam (through $100 will buy a leg. E-mail
4 There are so many lists of things to memorize in college & high school; I would find an 'Encyclopedia of Mnemonics and Memory Aids' extremely useful. E-mail
5 Educate school kids about bad effects of transfat on health and motivate them to participate in ban on fast food joints that do not stop use of transfats in their menus. Roopa Karkhanis E-mail
6 Identify teenagers who struggle with and fail at normal and learning disabled classes and enroll them in trade apprenticeships with practical hands-on learning at the workplace (no classrooms). Teenagers are happier and successful. E-mail
7 Read about these 10 Stories the world needs to know more about from the UN, then take action: post them, send them on, or write to legislators. E-mail
8 Solving problems by brainstorming may be effective. See Wikipedia article. E-mail
9 Disruptive students get expelled and fall through the cracks. I suggest an alternative high school for these students, run by special counselors. Example. E-mail
10 To show electricity principles to students or as science fair project, use water: water height is like voltage, volume is charge, reservoir volume is capacitance, flow is current, pipe width is conductance. Water wheels show power. (science analogy) E-mail
11 Let's form a free association of story writers where we share our stories and post them online. Evaluating each others' stories makes great writing. See my stories and share your own. E-mail
12 Ask middle school students to record traditional music from the community. Try old folks homes, fiddle teachers, and ethnic organizations. E-mail
13 Many people are looking for new school solutions since the public schools are such waste bins of nothingness. Go see: E-mail