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1 To deal with school bullying: show confidence, stay in groups, avoid the bully, and ignore the bully (this is hard, so have friends or parents help you practice at home). If that doesn't work, tell teachers and parents and take self-defense lessons. E-mail
2 Have a "prosthetic leg" day at your school. Have everybody bring in a dollar that goes towards buying a prosthetic leg for a child to walk again in Vietnam (through $100 will buy a leg. E-mail
3 To remember nine planets of our solar system in right order just memorise this sentence: "My Very Educated Mother Just Showed Us Nine Planets." The first letter of each word stands for respective planet. E-mail
4 Dodge ball: Teams stay in opposite halves of a basketball court and try to hit an opponent with a volleyball to eliminate him. But if he catches the ball, the thrower is out. Eliminated players throw from the court end opposite their team. E-mail
5 Learn a foreign language when you are as young as possible because it is easier than when you are older. E-mail