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1 Universities should allow their text books and reference books to be read at their web sites. This will facilitate inquisitive minds to quench their thirst for reading and create a well read society. MIT does. E-mail
2 There are so many scholarship databases for college students looking for financial aid: Fastweb, Fund Finder, SRN, etc. Someone should unify these in one database to make it easier on students. E-mail
3 Make sure you meet your child's college roommate to have a good idea of the type of person who will be exposed to your son/daughter. E-mail
4 Pray that your college student child use wisdom when making decisions, and always allow them the opportunity to call on you when they need support. E-mail
5 Parents, make sure your child in college and his/her roommate go through safety issues; make sure they know how and where to get help in case of anything. Better to be safe than sorry. E-mail
6 Parents and/or churches could send their college-attending students a care bag with things like writing utensils, staples, snacks, and anything else students are likely to need. E-mail