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1 Idea contest for kids in school. Teachers may divide kids into teams to brainstorm and compete against other teams for greatest number of ideas or best ideas (as judged by other students). E-mail
2 There are so many people who are still suffering from depression, even very young people. Why can't schools offer seminars to give practical help to young people in this area? It would help them their whole lives!
3 Instead of just teaching children how to play a musical instrument, teach them how to compose music to encourage their creativity and productivity. Many computer programs make composing easy now. E-mail
4 Identify teenagers who struggle with and fail at normal and learning disabled classes and enroll them in trade apprenticeships with practical hands-on learning at the workplace (no classrooms). Teenagers are happier and successful. E-mail
5 Disruptive students get expelled and fall through the cracks. I suggest an alternative high school for these students, run by special counselors. Example. E-mail
6 Often school computers are not used effectively. Require schools to report how many computers they have, how many per pupil, and how they are used for instruction. This data to be analyzed by university education departments, community, and school board. E-mail
7 Many people are looking for new school solutions since the public schools are such waste bins of nothingness. Go see: E-mail