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1 Idea contest for kids in school. Teachers may divide kids into teams to brainstorm and compete against other teams for greatest number of ideas or best ideas (as judged by other students). E-mail
2 Racetrack: a good non-computer game for kids on long trips. Very simple, using only graph paper, pencil, and creativity, and teaches physics and planning ahead. Instructions. E-mail
3 To deal with school bullying: show confidence, stay in groups, avoid the bully, and ignore the bully (this is hard, so have friends or parents help you practice at home). If that doesn't work, tell teachers and parents and take self-defense lessons. E-mail
4 Encourage kids to write new, funny lyrics to popular songs (as with Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer). This game can entertain children while improving their creativity, poetry, and musical skills. E-mail
5 Go to the many statues Peter "Wolf" Toth has carved and erected to honor Native Americans (67 in North America, at least one in every state). E-mail
6 Thing of the Month: A subscription toy service similar to the Book of the Month Club, only this club would send kids any of several collections of science related toys, like anatomy models or microscope slides. E-mail
7 Ignore this and spoil the child. Great achievers of the day are excellent readers, and it is said that there is a sudden decrease in the reading habits of children. It is necessary that they should read more in order to become what they want in life. E-mail
8 When you are bored and have nothing to do, my sisters and I pretend to own our own businesses. We make paper money and food and play restaurant or motel or store. It is really fun. E-mail
9 Funix is an innovative breakthrough for learning a foreign language mnemonically. You already know how to speak Spanish, Chinese or whatever language because it's just rearranged English. E-mail
10 Learn a foreign language when you are as young as possible because it is easier than when you are older. E-mail
11 Let parents take their children to big hospitals and nursing homes once in a fortnight so that the children, nay, the parents, understand the problems involving population, health, development, or environment. E-mail
12 Often school computers are not used effectively. Require schools to report how many computers they have, how many per pupil, and how they are used for instruction. This data to be analyzed by university education departments, community, and school board. E-mail
13 To reduce the heavy load young school children carry, instead of bringing notebooks for each subject, bring papers which will not tear easily. This paper can be arranged in 3-ring binders divided by subject. E-mail