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1 Teach kids reading with their bedtime storybook. Start by teaching 1-letter words, then 2-letter words, just one each night. If he can't remember a word, then tell him, and read the previous sentence again and ask him the word again. Use praise. E-mail
2 Transit rest homes (day care centers) in regions and countries where they are not yet common. They would help nuclear families by keeping their children for one or more days or even hours in safety so that parents can do their work in peace. E-mail
3 Explain things frankly but simply to kids. They can understand from a young age and may thus learn and be able to deal with reality better. E-mail
4 To teach kids tiddiness, make cleaning fun. If my 2-year old opens a drawer and takes out a CD, I'll say, "Oh, a CD. Thank you. Please put it back in the drawer there." Surprisingly, she'll often happily comply, and I'll thank her again. E-mail
5 The notion of having pedestrians point across the street when crossing should be revived. It not only alerts drivers to your intent, preventing collisions, but prevents otherwise-alert drivers from undeserved tickets which tend to be quite serious. E-mail
6 Learn a foreign language when you are as young as possible because it is easier than when you are older. E-mail
7 Make play clay for kids with various colors, textures, and odors, such as coffee dough, fruit putty, flubber, and clean mud. E-mail