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1 Use more retired and elderly people in daycare centers. Background checks could be used if necessary. A lot like the adopt-a-grandparent program a few years ago. E-mail
2 I think that people need to stop having this us against them way of thinking, and peace would be better able to exist. I think that this way of thinking needs to be taught in schools, and by parents at an early age. E-mail
3 Establish a "communications link" between children of different nations, even in times of war (whenever and wherever possible), as children represent the future of the planet. E-mail
4 Transit rest homes (day care centers) in regions and countries where they are not yet common. They would help nuclear families by keeping their children for one or more days or even hours in safety so that parents can do their work in peace. E-mail
5 Let U.N. conduct annual essay/project competitions for students from developing countries to evaluate/improve the functioning of democratic institutions in their countries. Helps to spread awareness/critical evaluation. E-mail
6 Try to reduce global DALYs (disability-adjusted life years lost) as the main goal of your charity, politics, & work. Top causes will soon be perinatal conditions, pneumonia, heart disease, & stroke. E-mail
7 To explain exon splicing of genes, use film editing analogy: the action of a movie is like the gene's DNA, the filmed portion is like its RNA, the spliced and edited film is like mRNA, and the final prints or videos are like the protein. (science analogy) E-mail
8 Go to the many statues Peter "Wolf" Toth has carved and erected to honor Native Americans (67 in North America, at least one in every state). E-mail
9 Teach children in school that if they ever need to quickly leave a crowded place, due to a fire for example, they should walk calmly and not push, otherwise a stampede would create a jam from which few would escape. Practice it several times. E-mail
10 Medical education encourages specialisation. In general specialists are too narrow and lack an overview. Teach in med-schools "systems" approach to understand the overall effects of treatments. Build computer models of human systems to simulate and learn. E-mail
11 To reduce population growth, educate and protect all children. (Some places with high birth rates also have high numbers of street children, orphans, child laborers, and very young sex workers.) People can teach, coach, and provide foster care. E-mail
12 In a large group of friends or co-workers it is impractical to have a party for each person's birthday. Instead, have one party or meal each month to celebrate everyone who has a birthday that month. E-mail
13 To increase the quality of engineers coming out of colleges, lecturers and professors should be the cream of the previous batches. This is only possible when that position is highly paid. Big organisations should help by sponsoring students. E-mail
14 Read about these 10 Stories the world needs to know more about from the UN, then take action: post them, send them on, or write to legislators. E-mail
15 Let parents take their children to big hospitals and nursing homes once in a fortnight so that the children, nay, the parents, understand the problems involving population, health, development, or environment. E-mail
16 Businesses can help their local schools w/their budgets. If we don't do something soon we won't have to worry about our kids cutting classes; our schools will be cutting kids from classes. Donate a month of service (tax deductible): lawn care, cleaning. E-mail
17 People should practice the concept of ISR (Individual Social Responsibility) after starting a job. As society at large played a vital role in our growth and development since childhood, it is the right time to play a role in development of society. E-mail
18 To spread an anti-smoking message, use comic strips in papers and magazines. One could be Camel Joe trying to kiss a girl, but his foul smell and yellowed teeth send her running. E-mail
19 Teach sign language to grade 6 students to keep noise level in the classroom to a minimum. E-mail
20 After millenia of civilization, jealousy, hate, and greed (causes of today's crimes) still exist. Try treating everyone equally and letting one's intentions and actions hold one's value instead of one's current funds. E-mail
21 A college application service for U.S. colleges, located in other countries. High school students in many areas, like Hong Kong, are eager for help in applying to U.S. colleges. E-mail