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1 In Japan they take off their shoes and put on special slippers before entering a home. This not only keeps your home cleaner, but it saves on the power required to clean it often. E-mail
2 Design shoes with an assortment of color coverings that could be snapped into place. This would reduce the number of shoes required for people to color coordinate their footwear with their clothes. Just think of the space saved when traveling. E-mail
3 Roller shoes are popular among little kids, but could be sold to adults as a poor man's Segway at 1% of the price. E-mail
4 One pair of shoes that comes with coloring sticks and eraser so that you can change the color of shoes in minutes to match whatever you're wearing. Perfect for people who like to travel light. E-mail
5 Studs on rim of clogs could be snap button to economically style in a new color. E-mail
6 For Gentlemen: Have two sets of shoes, belts, and wrist watch straps: one in black & another in brown or dark tan. These two colors match with most shades of clothes. Use black with black, blue, grey, or green, and use brown with red, brown, or tan. E-mail
7 To make women's sandals more comfortable to wear outside, use a transparent strap from a bra to fasten the sandals to your feet more securely, while keeping the "open" style of the sandals.