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1 Nail clippers with ergonomic, oversized, perhaps loop-shaped handles for people with arthritis, poor motor control, etc. E-mail
2 An extra-large make-up sponge on a long stick so that a person can spread lotion on his or her own back. E-mail
3 Women should weigh their purse when they leave home. Sometimes they won't need a cell phone or loaded wallet with plastic cards, etc. They'll notice the comfort right away. E-mail
4 Nose Hair Trimmer: A device the size of a pen, with a little rotating motor inside & a half-moon-shaped blade at the top that spins at a decent pace, with a plastic cover with holes on the top that would go over the blade. Battery or plug-in. (appliances) E-mail
5 After shaving, hang the brush with bristles facing down. The brush dries quicker and lasts longer. E-mail