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1 Leaves of the custard apple plant are an effective cure for head lice. Just make a paste and apply, shampoo after 1 hour, and reapply after 3 days for better results. Added benefit: your hair is soft and conditioned. E-mail
2 Hair gel manufactured as disposable one-time use packets, like the ones used for ketchup etc. Can be sold in dispensing machines at bars/clubs or as a box. E-mail
3 Put lemon juice in your hair to make it blonder in the summer. It may not be original but it looks better than sun-in. What it does is speed up your natural highlights. Just plan to be in the sun for a while, especially if you have thick hair! E-mail
4 Hair dye/colour can be made as a kind of spray, like deodorant/perfume. E-mail
5 Nose Hair Trimmer: A device the size of a pen, with a little rotating motor inside & a half-moon-shaped blade at the top that spins at a decent pace, with a plastic cover with holes on the top that would go over the blade. Battery or plug-in. (appliances) E-mail
6 After shaving, hang the brush with bristles facing down. The brush dries quicker and lasts longer. E-mail