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1 If you want to attract a man, don't bother too much with cosmetics, clothes, or indirect ways. The most attractive thing you can do is give positive attention to him. Just be friendly and ask him on a date. E-mail
2 How about something to reduce excessive sweating on the face, like a cream so you don't ruin all the hard work you've done to put on your make-up. E-mail
3 A lipstick that changes color as per the pH of lips to have different colors after having a lemon juice/ soda-water/ soup/ after a face wash or even a French kiss. There can be lip gloss of various pH to adjust shades. E-mail
4 An extra-large make-up sponge on a long stick so that a person can spread lotion on his or her own back. E-mail
5 Make perfume at home using food flavorings such as almond or vanilla diluted in water. E-mail
6 Applying pure rose water every night before sleep can greatly help in reducing pimples on the face. E-mail