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1 Earrings, necklaces, bangles, pendants, etc. with sparkling lights, powered by a watch battery. E-mail
2 For warmth and protection with added fun: a blanket with arms. It could be made for any sizes from ages 2 to 100. A must for girlscouts, boyscouts, sleepovers, campers, and those who love to fish, without their blanket falling off them. E-mail
3 Small pockets on the back of winter gloves for pocket change, etc.
4 For cleaning gold: Take a cup of warm water. Mix a spoon of detergent & half a teaspoon of turmeric powder. Keep the gold ornaments in this solution for 15-20 mins. Then clean with a soft brush. E-mail
5 Hats in a box: Kids of all ages love hats. They love to play and pretend. Have policeman/woman hat, fireman/woman hat, cowboy/girl hat, big clown hat, etc. E-mail
6 A necklace or piece of jewelry that has an LED light behind a beautiful gemstone that projects light, perhaps even words if shined on a wall, like the time. E-mail
7 For Gentlemen: Have two sets of shoes, belts, and wrist watch straps: one in black & another in brown or dark tan. These two colors match with most shades of clothes. Use black with black, blue, grey, or green, and use brown with red, brown, or tan. E-mail
8 Women should weigh their purse when they leave home. Sometimes they won't need a cell phone or loaded wallet with plastic cards, etc. They'll notice the comfort right away. E-mail
9 A clip watch. You can clip it to anything like your front pocket or to your brief case or purse.
10 It is difficult to tie neckties to end up the right length. Put numbers on the back of ties indicating the length resulting if the knot is started (first crossover) at that position. You can memorize your preferred length & use it for all ties. E-mail
11 A non-piercing belly button ring that looks like a barbell but is held together with no uncomfortable squeezing and minimal magnetizing and stickyness. (please invent for me) E-mail
12 Some times gold ornaments come in contact with mercury while working in the school/college lab. Gold changes to a silver colour. It can be brought back to normal by treating it with ferric chloride solution in water. E-mail
13 Clothing accessories such as brooches and corsages could be attached to clothes by velcro, for easy exchange. Mixing and matching would be much faster and safer than with pins. E-mail
14 I have a pair of sunglasses that have a plastic case. I keep losing my sunglasses, so I put a key-yo-yo-string on my plastic case so that I will not lose my sunglasses. It works for me. E-mail