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1 In Japan they take off their shoes and put on special slippers before entering a home. This not only keeps your home cleaner, but it saves on the power required to clean it often. E-mail
2 A shirt with a thin and flexible LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) or e-ink screen on the front. Download a new picture to wear every day! E-mail
3 Earrings, necklaces, bangles, pendants, etc. with sparkling lights, powered by a watch battery. E-mail
4 To reduce your spending, look at an item's price and think how many hours you had to work to buy that item. If you make $10 an hour and are looking at a $60 item, was it worth six hours of your life to have it? If so, get it. But often you find it isn't. E-mail
5 Leaves of the custard apple plant are an effective cure for head lice. Just make a paste and apply, shampoo after 1 hour, and reapply after 3 days for better results. Added benefit: your hair is soft and conditioned. E-mail
6 If you want to attract a man, don't bother too much with cosmetics, clothes, or indirect ways. The most attractive thing you can do is give positive attention to him. Just be friendly and ask him on a date. E-mail
7 A t-shirt made from the kind of jelly in ice packs, but of course it would have a covering over it. You could keep it in the refrigerator before use, and it would keep you cold the whole day.
8 Design shoes with an assortment of color coverings that could be snapped into place. This would reduce the number of shoes required for people to color coordinate their footwear with their clothes. Just think of the space saved when traveling. E-mail
9 For warmth and protection with added fun: a blanket with arms. It could be made for any sizes from ages 2 to 100. A must for girlscouts, boyscouts, sleepovers, campers, and those who love to fish, without their blanket falling off them. E-mail
10 Save money by reducing impulse buying and shopping for fun. Before buying an item, imagine that you could touch any item in your home and turn it back into the money you spent to buy it. Most of us would have a VERY nice pile of cash after doing that. E-mail
11 Small pockets on the back of winter gloves for pocket change, etc.
12 Hair gel manufactured as disposable one-time use packets, like the ones used for ketchup etc. Can be sold in dispensing machines at bars/clubs or as a box. E-mail
13 How about something to reduce excessive sweating on the face, like a cream so you don't ruin all the hard work you've done to put on your make-up. E-mail
14 Roller shoes are popular among little kids, but could be sold to adults as a poor man's Segway at 1% of the price. E-mail
15 A lipstick that changes color as per the pH of lips to have different colors after having a lemon juice/ soda-water/ soup/ after a face wash or even a French kiss. There can be lip gloss of various pH to adjust shades. E-mail
16 Nail clippers with ergonomic, oversized, perhaps loop-shaped handles for people with arthritis, poor motor control, etc. E-mail
17 For cleaning gold: Take a cup of warm water. Mix a spoon of detergent & half a teaspoon of turmeric powder. Keep the gold ornaments in this solution for 15-20 mins. Then clean with a soft brush. E-mail
18 An extra-large make-up sponge on a long stick so that a person can spread lotion on his or her own back. E-mail
19 Why not have a new mode of slimming? Donate the money you save on food while dieting/fasting to any site of choice, e.g. freedom from hunger or E-mail
20 Make perfume at home using food flavorings such as almond or vanilla diluted in water. E-mail
21 Any food stain on clothes can be removed by rubbing with boric acid powder and washing with water. E-mail
22 One pair of shoes that comes with coloring sticks and eraser so that you can change the color of shoes in minutes to match whatever you're wearing. Perfect for people who like to travel light. E-mail
23 Put lemon juice in your hair to make it blonder in the summer. It may not be original but it looks better than sun-in. What it does is speed up your natural highlights. Just plan to be in the sun for a while, especially if you have thick hair! E-mail
24 Women should weigh their purse when they leave home. Sometimes they won't need a cell phone or loaded wallet with plastic cards, etc. They'll notice the comfort right away. E-mail
25 Hats in a box: Kids of all ages love hats. They love to play and pretend. Have policeman/woman hat, fireman/woman hat, cowboy/girl hat, big clown hat, etc. E-mail
26 Hair dye/colour can be made as a kind of spray, like deodorant/perfume. E-mail
27 For Gentlemen: Have two sets of shoes, belts, and wrist watch straps: one in black & another in brown or dark tan. These two colors match with most shades of clothes. Use black with black, blue, grey, or green, and use brown with red, brown, or tan. E-mail
28 A necklace or piece of jewelry that has an LED light behind a beautiful gemstone that projects light, perhaps even words if shined on a wall, like the time. E-mail
29 It is difficult to tie neckties to end up the right length. Put numbers on the back of ties indicating the length resulting if the knot is started (first crossover) at that position. You can memorize your preferred length & use it for all ties. E-mail
30 Printed clothes. Flexographically print clothes multi-coloured onto plastic film such as polypropylene or PVC. Though plastic may not be the most comfortable or quiet to wear, think of the cost savings through multi-repeat products. E-mail
31 Studs on rim of clogs could be snap button to economically style in a new color. E-mail
32 A clip watch. You can clip it to anything like your front pocket or to your brief case or purse.
33 Nose Hair Trimmer: A device the size of a pen, with a little rotating motor inside & a half-moon-shaped blade at the top that spins at a decent pace, with a plastic cover with holes on the top that would go over the blade. Battery or plug-in. (appliances) E-mail
34 Smoking Shirt to let smokers smoke without leaving building: use long armed t-shirt and sheet. Cut t-shirt just under arms, cut hole in sheet, sew shirt to the sheet around hole, tape to window frame. Now you can let out the smoke without going outside. E-mail
35 Applying pure rose water every night before sleep can greatly help in reducing pimples on the face. E-mail
36 To make women's sandals more comfortable to wear outside, use a transparent strap from a bra to fasten the sandals to your feet more securely, while keeping the "open" style of the sandals.
37 It should be compulsory that all clothes should be made from a non-creasing material so that you would never have to iron again. E-mail
38 Teach all people to look for the time theirs was a fashionable face/figure in the past and to adapt their clothes, hairstyle, etc. to that. It would suit them and leave time and money free to pursue other activities than following fashion in lockstep. E-mail
39 A non-piercing belly button ring that looks like a barbell but is held together with no uncomfortable squeezing and minimal magnetizing and stickyness. (please invent for me) E-mail
40 Know what this world needs? A complete tuxedo for less than ten dollars. Its poor quality would be humorous at school proms and similar events. E-mail
41 After shaving, hang the brush with bristles facing down. The brush dries quicker and lasts longer. E-mail
42 Clothing accessories such as brooches and corsages could be attached to clothes by velcro, for easy exchange. Mixing and matching would be much faster and safer than with pins. E-mail
43 Some times gold ornaments come in contact with mercury while working in the school/college lab. Gold changes to a silver colour. It can be brought back to normal by treating it with ferric chloride solution in water. E-mail
44 I have a pair of sunglasses that have a plastic case. I keep losing my sunglasses, so I put a key-yo-yo-string on my plastic case so that I will not lose my sunglasses. It works for me. E-mail