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1 After making a cup of tea or coffee, add an ice cube to cool it faster so that you can drink it. E-mail
2 Try cooking meals that were popular in ancient times. A huge number of recipes can be found here. They include Egyptian, Native American, Roman, and more! E-mail
3 Press the Mute button on your TV remote during advertisements to avoid being subliminally manipulated into buying the products/services on offer. Even though you don't want the product, the advert will have a small cumulative effect on you. (commercials) E-mail
4 A PC motherboard that uses several old/slow processors in parallel giving you a VERY fast PC using cheap outdated CPUs! It should emulate a single CPU so that the operating system does not need to support parallel processing. E-mail
5 When a toothpaste tube gets to half full you have to squeeze it up from the bottom each time. Put a kitchen or office clip on the tube halfway up so it's like a full tube again! E-mail
6 Many archaeologists believe eating bone marrow is why early humans evolved such large brains. Use large bones from pork, beef or lamb. You can cook the whole bone (any method) or extract the marroe from the middle of the bone before cooking. E-mail