$100 Monthly Award

It's not too hard to come up with new ideas, but using them, or rather finding other people to use them, seems to be much harder. To encourage people to use ideas from IdeaExplore, an award was given each month to the person who used any idea or ideas (except his/her own idea) from IdeaExplore in the most interesting, constructive, or inspiring way. People may have used the idea for any purpose and at any time, and should have gotten the idea from IdeaExplore rather than elsewhere. However, since during its 2.5 year life the award did not encourage more than a handful of people to use ideas from IdeaExplore, it has been cancelled. If you have other suggestions for enticing good use of ideas from IdeaExplore, please let me know. Just e-mail here to describe your suggestion, and please use Idea Use Suggestion as the message subject.

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