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There was one idea on the previous theme (Food). Warren Graham comments on his idea:

Thanks for the invite! Here is a similar, but simpler, more customizable and more clean energy stable idea: The Ecosystem Of Necessities (EON) Greenhouse - integrates eco-friendly micro-factories for as many basic necessities as possible into a single greenhouse. It can be attached to the roofs and/or sun-side walls of conventional homes so the occupants can focus on thriving. 100% of the waste produced by the occupants of the house is recycled by these factories. The multi-sourced (more reliable) clean-energy factory (wind, solar, hydrogen, etc.) generates more than enough clean heat and energy to power the family's home, vehicles and associated devices, year-round. The four-season solar greenhouse generates all of the fresh, plant-based, organic food that they will ever need, year-round. Fully-automating the mass production of these houses will drastically drive down their prices so they can be easily accessible to everyone. Upgrading all manned buildings to EON standards, worldwide, eliminates global poverty, global pollution, climate change and their enormous associated costs. Giving EON Greenhouses away makes sense. See my website for more details.

Thank you,

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