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The chart below gives very crude estimates or guesses of the number of people killed or affected (by loss of family, home, or health) by each item over one decade. Estimating the average life-years lost as about 30 per death or 2 per person affected gives the life-years for each item.

TopicDeathsAffectedLife-yearsPrevious articles
Congo war5,000 thousand20,000 thousand190.0 million4800 characters
Chechnya war50 thousand500 thousand2.5 million
Port-au-Prince violence5 thousand50 thousand.3 million
Lack of HIV R&D10,000 thousand20,000 thousand340.0 million500 characters
NE India violence10 thousand200 thousand.7 million
S Sudan poverty30 thousand1,000 thousand2.9 million
Somalia anarchy500 thousand5,000 thousand25.0 million
Columbia war50 thousand3,000 thousand7.5 million
Lord's Resistance Army50 thousand2,000 thousand5.5 million
Ivory Coast war5 thousand200 thousand.6 million

Total16 million52 million580 million5300 characters

Human News aims to devote 1 character to each 40,000 life-years, or 1000 average lives. Thus, the number of characters on these subjects could be 580 million life-years / 40,000 life-years/character = 14,500 characters. Since previous articles on these subjects occupied 5300 characters, this article can have 9200 characters. This article has 2900 characters plus about 1000 characters for the two photos, thus there could be more articles on these topics in the future.

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