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1 Highly populated countries like China and India, instead of forcing the people to have only one child, can have income tax (or other taxes) brackets depending on the number of children. This will have a good impact with out a hard rule. E-mail
2 In countries like India, income tax & sales tax are difficult to collect. To track all transactions, government could give debit cards to all people and card readers to all shops. No more need to print money, also saving government expense. E-mail
3 The train average speed falls due to stopping at stations. Increase average speed by not stopping. Passengers enter and exit by a pilot box which will add to the front or detach from the back of the non-stop train near each station. E-mail
4 If I have a card where all my personal data is stored, and can be carried anywhere such as banks, then when I need to fill a form, I will just insert this in a card reader. It will fill in the form automatically. E-mail
5 New inexpensive method of content (software/data) distribution lays in micro dots on film. Reading this will be faster using a digital camera. This method is already used in audio data distribution in movie film. This will be cheaper than CD distribution. E-mail
6 In India, rail companies give a number to find the status of your ticket through Web/Kiosk/HelpDesk. But big queues form near kiosks as many people don't know how to operate them. To solve the problem, allow checking via an automated phone system. E-mail
7 If car stereo provides Audio-In connector, it will be easy to play our portable CD player songs from car stereo. E-mail
8 Making a buddy in instant messenger (Yahoo or AOL) as an assistant will be good. e_oatbot is one. Please see what's possible with such assistants. E-mail
9 For listening to CD or MP3 player songs in car stereo, we use car adapter (audio tape cassette with connector to CD player). We can make similar tape to receive songs from bluetooth enabled MP3 player. The cassette will have a blue tooth receiver. E-mail
10 If the lid of a roti maker could be turned 180 degrees (instead of ~90 degrees now), we could use the lid also as another pan (say for dosas). E-mail
11 Queues in railway reservation counters can be reduced with small electronic devices which let passengers enter information (destination, time, etc.) and which print a bar coded version of the information to be handed to the ticket agent at the counter. E-mail
12 Mobile service providers can enter banking. Any person should be able to pay any other person (irrespective of the mobile service provider) via his mobile number. E-mail
13 To increase the quality of engineers coming out of colleges, lecturers and professors should be the cream of the previous batches. This is only possible when that position is highly paid. Big organisations should help by sponsoring students. E-mail
14 Indian rail companies give a number to find the status of your ticket through kiosk. But many people don't know how to operate kiosks. To solve the problem, print number as bar code on ticket, and have bar code reader at kiosk. E-mail
15 In India, it is common to turn off the motor bike engine at traffic signals to avoid pollution and to save fuel. Instead of rotating the key to OFF position and to ON position, have a push button to turn the engine off temporarily while it is depressed. E-mail
16 For people travelling to USA, this is a must read: Coming to America. E-mail
17 In places that run short of electricity and have frequent power cuts, revise electric meters to record power consumption with time to allow higher billing for the peak hours. E-mail
18 Head phones should have a holder provision on top to hold flash-MP3 player. If we don't want to change the play order, we can keep it in the holder. E-mail