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1 States or provinces tend to spend all their income when the economy grows, then need to cut spending in a recession, just when more spending is needed. Countries should tax states in expansions and pay them in recessions in order to create balance. E-mail
2 Put designs on the outside of concrete highway dividers for nicer landscapes. E-mail
3 In case of fire or smoke in your hotel room, the safety instructions posted on your door should blink or light up to instruct you what to do and where to go for safety. E-mail
4 To promote tourism, the tourism development agencies of developing countries can provide cheap interpreter-cum-guides. Teach the poor but intelligent youths some lesser learnt (in that region) foreign language. Help them & the region earn more. E-mail
5 Governments should run shelters for all street children and supply basic food, clothing, health care, and education. E-mail
6 When a 17 year old child gets a driving license, allow him to only operate cars fitted with GPS monitors to record where they are going, and how fast they are going. Monitor is merely a cell phone equipped with GPS system. Perhaps $250 for 6 months. E-mail
7 Many tolled highways are avoided because of the cost. Instead, promote carpooling by exempting cars filled with three or more occupants. Prevents traffic jams and pollution. E-mail
8 Bicycle with turning signals and green lights and a red brake light. E-mail
9 Energy wastage fines. Thermal imaging equipment mounted on an aircraft could be used in winter over towns/cities. Wasteful buildings could be pinpointed and given a financial incentive to insulate.
10 Send emergency SMS (short message service) alerts to emergency workers. Use special trigger that makes cell phone: beep loudly, override silence option, not rollover to voicemail. (disaster, tsunami, tornado, typhoon, cyclone, hurricane, earthquake) E-mail
11 Change the food sales tax: instead of being proportional to price, make it proportional to calories. Like the tax on cigarettes, that would discourage consumption of fat food and boost vegetable consumption to reduce heart disease and stroke. E-mail
12 Many elected representatives seldom participate in the debates of the parliaments/congresses. The media should publish some indexes of their participation in the parliaments at the times of elections. E-mail
13 Prisoner mixing allows them to learn new crime methods and have the worst role models: other inmates. Instead, isolate all prisoners in cells (tiny, to save money) and provide job education and good role models via books and selected videos. (jail) E-mail
14 Systemic corruption is partly due to inadequate rewards (compensation) for non-corrupt activity. Paying higher wages in areas where corruption is systemic will contribute to a reduction of the scale of the problem.
15 To encourage more organ donation, distribute organ donor cards and pamphlets with documents everyone receives, such as driver's licences or ID cards. E-mail
16 Given the problems that elderly people are having with declining retirement savings and having to work again, a temporary employment agency should be set up for old people that will focus on jobs they can do. (work) E-mail
17 Send nutritionists along with the normal, required, health inspections to all restaurants and vending machine companies to advise on healthy nutrition. Many restaurants haven't changed their recipes in decades despite advances in health knowledge. E-mail
18 The government should implement some sort of highly inexpensive electrified coil that would be strategically placed on major intersections to melt instantaneously all snow that falls, thus reducing the bulk of winter accidents. (driving safety) E-mail
19 Heavily populated nations such as India face water on roads, canal jams, and mosquitoes. A solution is to construct drainage canals in a V shape so that the canals will not store mud and thus water. There would be free flow in canals and fewer mosquitoes. E-mail
20 Maximum illiteracy is found in slum areas. Governments should require that all established schools have to open small branches in slum areas, providing free education by their teachers on weekends. E-mail
21 Emergency plans are useless unless an actual test is conducted. National plans for dealing with pandemic outbreaks should be tested in as large a setting as possible. Percent of 1st responders who abandon their posts can be estimated from past disasters. E-mail
22 To improve medical care in poor areas, use Barefoot Doctors--lesser qualified, lower paid practitioners trained to diagnose and treat simple conditions and to pass other cases to fully qualified doctors. Might be an additional nursing qualification. E-mail
23 We need computer and camera control of evacuation routes. Do not let anyone onto highway unless they can drive route at 50 MPH. Make all drivers turn off engines until they are permitted onto highway. Do not allow cars with too little gasoline onto route. E-mail
24 To reduce smoking, add the health care cost of smoking to the cigarette tax. Punish smugglers who tried to avoid the tax by making them aid nurses to care for lung cancer, emphysema, and heart disease patients who smoked. E-mail
25 Smart cards are being impregnated into numberplates of cars by many city authorities for quick information retrieval about any vehicle and its owners. This can further be used to track cars violating speed limits. Tickets could be mailed to speeders. E-mail
26 Hold credit card companies and credit reporting agencies criminally responsible for obviously negligent handling of credit info. The norm presently is getting your info wrong. E-mail
27 Rather than having college graduates earn a degree with no professional experience, open a government-funded, university-related, charity business. Within this charity business, all aspects of professional work will be considered. E-mail
28 To save energy and money and to reduce air pollution, set temperature in air-conditioned public and private buildings and transport (buses, trains) to no less than 26 degrees C. E-mail
29 Judge schools not by testing, but by how interested the kids are in the subjects being taught. When you interest people in a subject, then they want to learn more, and more, and more. The fish that never bites never gets hooked. E-mail
30 Liability (car) insurance should not be mandatory. Each person takes care of their own car and hospital expenses if a wreck occurs. (No-fault insurance) E-mail
31 To reduce road accidents, require speed governors on large trucks and buses to keep them from exceeding the maximum regional or national limit. E-mail
32 To discourage smoking, governments should produce advertisements with appeals by prominent people in society. E-mail
33 Same phone number (with a prefix eg. 04 for the cellular) for the existing home and cellular phones, with higher charges for calls made from cellular. Simplifies storing numbers and paying bills. E-mail
34 On multi-lane highways near an on-ramp, mark both sides of the white lane-boundary line (of the lane closest to the onramp) red to encourage traffic to merge left and warn them not to pass because of the danger of being forced off by merging cars. E-mail
35 Make it compulsory under the Home Ownership Act for builders or individuals to install & use solar energy at least for heating water and external lights for home: a good way to reduce use of electricity. Roopa Karkhanis E-mail
36 Mass produce hybrid vehicles to make them cheaper. Have a law that no non-hybrid car can be sold as of 2009. E-mail
37 Repairs of pipes and wires under sidewalks require digging up concrete, which is very inefficient. Instead, install all utility lines under durable, removable plates, strips, or blocks of concrete or other material. E-mail
38 The notion of having pedestrians point across the street when crossing should be revived. It not only alerts drivers to your intent, preventing collisions, but prevents otherwise-alert drivers from undeserved tickets which tend to be quite serious. E-mail
39 It seems like double taxation to have to buy stamps from the government in order to send money to the same government. Perhaps more people would pay taxes if we were not required to put postage on the envelope to send it. E-mail
40 To keep taxes from getting more complicated, pass a law requiring that any laws adding to the tax code must also delete at least as much text from anywhere in the tax code. Hopefully, this will also keep tax forms from getting longer. E-mail
41 Reduce the number of staff people who work for elected officials. This will mean the officials will listen to citizens more, thus making democracies work better. E-mail
42 Advisory eco signs should be put on traffic lights with suggestions to save fuel when driving, in an attempt to reduce the carbon footprint of drivers. E-mail
43 To save energy, close the doors of air-conditioned buildings. E-mail
44 To hasten the rescue of people in a disaster, emergency management agencies should have a couple of student interns watch TV and listen to radio to hear news of people needing help, and report immediately to the directors of the agencies. E-mail
45 To quickly evacuate people from a dangerous region, make prior arrangements to order buses to designated pick-up points to take people to designated evacuation centers. E-mail
46 Increase fuel efficiency: Use of digital cameras to identify cars on highways. 1. To automatically impose toll on road users without the need to stop car and then resume. Bill can be sent to address associated with plate. 2. To catch speeders. E-mail
47 Non-Stop Traffic Tube Interchanges. An idea for traffic from all directions to proceed straight, diverging right or left and "U" turning in all road interchanges without stopping for traffic lights. E-mail
48 To conserve water, require builders to replace old, wasteful toilets or other water "sinks" with more efficient ones to earn the right to build new homes or buildings. Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA does this. E-mail
49 Provide shelters (from wind, sun, rain) for people who are walking. E-mail
50 In the present scenario of depleting ground water tables globally, it would be desirable to dig irrigation/transportation canals and to interlink various rivers as a measure of water crisis management. This way, the deficiency in water can be solved. E-mail