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1 To replace time-consuming and rigid grant applications, pay scientists a fixed salary, from which they need to pay all their research expenses, including supplies, equipment, and staff, encouraging efficient use of money to produce the best results. E-mail
2 Applicants to universities should submit a business plan for their chosen career, showing their research into job prospects for their field. This may prevent some painful surprises on graduation and may steer people to better paths before it's too late. E-mail
3 Create a website with interviews of people who tried to enter various careers and failed or succeeded, with statistics on % who quit that track or got a job. Are they happy? Provide the site for all high school career guidance counselors worldwide. E-mail
4 To ensure science graduates jobs, universities can have contracts to be executed collectively by its unemployed students of the past 5 years with the guidence of the Prof. & using university setups. This can reduce unemployment & impart on-job training. E-mail
5 University students could start their own online job service. This would publish a complete department-wide list of students with their profiles and academics. From the published lists any recruiter could contact the students for interviews. E-mail
6 Libraries could digitise all their books and put them on an online database. In doing so, they can offer paid online membership throughout the world. Well-known libraries would benefit from this kind of project to the maximum extent. E-mail
7 Examples of group violence are constantly reported in the news, but little is done to prevent them. Group loyalty/hatred should be studied scientifically like other illness to find the psychological/social causes and, most importantly, preventions. E-mail
8 Universities should allow their text books and reference books to be read at their web sites. This will facilitate inquisitive minds to quench their thirst for reading and create a well read society. MIT does. E-mail
9 College teachers, instead of writing their own lectures, can share them to save time. Example. (supercourse,teaching,university,professor,instructor) E-mail
10 College teachers could check out having the textbooks they use be available online instead of students having to buy $100 books and lug them to class. E-mail
11 For history to be more useful, it must not only gather data (the past), but also generalize from it to form hypotheses and make testable predictions. History could then be used to improve our world. Example E-mail
12 Rather than having college graduates earn a degree with no professional experience, open a government-funded, university-related, charity business. Within this charity business, all aspects of professional work will be considered. E-mail
13 Medical education encourages specialisation. In general specialists are too narrow and lack an overview. Teach in med-schools "systems" approach to understand the overall effects of treatments. Build computer models of human systems to simulate and learn. E-mail
14 To develop schools for engineering, E-Learning will be suitable. This idea will yield a good return because the colleges won't have to keep repeating the writing and performance of lectures. E-mail
15 Create a platform where African students can have access to the same education as US students (via internet). Upon graduation, allow these students to post their diplomas where big US corporations can out-source their work. E-mail
16 When writing research papers, start with what you know, like doing a jigsaw puzzle. First, do the Figures, then Methods, then Results, then Discussion, and finally the Abstract and Title. Introduction may be added all along the process. E-mail
17 Education systems are distinct and organized like silos. Need to integrate university training methods into vocational education and make voc ed methods available to university students. E-mail
18 Arts organizations and schools of education can act together to identify and include traditional (learned by ear) music in school programs.
19 Revise the public school system to be available thru an advanced college degree but do not make it compulsory. Provide technical education for those who do not wish to participate. Please inquire for further details. E-mail
20 To make management students more creative/innovative, make the institution a place of activity so that the students will come up with thoughts to implement and learn on an experimental basis. E-mail
21 Let students attend high school online, going to a school building weekly for tutoring or testing. This would save money for buildings and buses, protect kids from dangerous school neighborhoods, and teach kids independence. E-mail
22 Hodges' Health Career (Care Domains) Model [h2cm] provides a concept map that can be applied universally. The model encourages holistic approaches, reflection and sharing of ideas to promote understanding. E-mail
23 In teaching history and literature, don't start with a survey and then specialize. Do the reverse! Start by looking deeply into one point with personal relevance to the student. Then curiosity takes hold and the student is motivated to make connections.
24 Students (especially research students) from outside Europe have problems with the theory of knowledge because they use the belief system. So teach them the Western theory of knowledge first to help understand knowledge by reasoning. E-mail
25 Use crossword puzzles for teaching. E-mail